Prince George already prepared to become king of England, the intensive program set up by the queen Elizabeth II unveiled

The serious things have begun for the prince George ! Queen Elizabeth II has already planned everything to make him the best king possible for England.

The prince George is a little boy blossomed. If he has a true passion for the police, it is also in close proximity to animals. In addition to being very gifted in drawing, as his mother Kate Middleton, the brother of the princess Charlotte is curious by nature. In other words, a child like the others. And yet, what makes it different from the other toddlers, it is that it is part of the most important family of the United Kingdom. But that’s not all ! The eldest son of prince William is also in third position in the order of succession to the british crown. There are thus strong chances that he can one day become king. A possibility that queen Elizabeth II takes very seriously. For evidence, she would be convinced that his great-grandson will be a great leader when the time shall come for him to reign. To the extent that it has already begun to prepare for this incredible task.

La reine Elizabeth II entourée de ses arrière-petits-enfants.
Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by her great-grand-children.

If you thought prince George had not yet conscious of its destiny, it is just the opposite ! If we are to believe the revelations from a source close to the royal family to New Idea, the toddler of 4 years old already receives lessons in order to teach him the inner workings of the monarchy. “The Queen asked William and Catherine to start training for his role of king. After his 5th birthday [July 22, 2018, editor’s note], George will begin the two-hour sessions per week with the Queen. An appointment that will serve to explain what is expected of him as future king. As long as it is in life, His Majesty wants to be able to transmit all his knowledge – in addition to spending time with him” has entrusted the informant. Prince George will also be meeting with the advisers of the sovereign in order to discover the history of the monarchy, the protocol, the royal label and the sacrifices of a life full of duties. “The Queen hopes that with this training, it will be more than ready to be king when the time comes.” A more intense program than ever so.

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