Prince George celebrates soon its anniversary, discover the first gift he received !

While prince George is on the verge of celebrating its five-year anniversary, check out the very first gift he has received !

A true honor ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, Sunday close, the eldest child of Kate Middleton and prince William will celebrate its five years. A birthday very awaited by the fans of the royal clan. While the beginning of’ melty offered you to discover the nicknames of the members of the royal family which might make you laugh, be aware that the small boy has already received a first gift. He has been offered by the Royal Mint. It will be a part of 5 books in honor of the little prince, and who may even buy by the british public. They will be able to discover an image of St. George, the patron saint of England.

But this is not all as there will also be a dragon. According to the legend, this dragon had the habit of attacking the inhabitants of the town of St George and a knight of the same name, then decided to fight him and would come to kill him. It is about the courage and triumph of good against evil on the occasion of the birthday of the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. You can also take a look at the piece from HERE. A lovely present that his parents will keep certainly treasured. Pending further information, check out why the princess Charlotte is more bankable than the prince George.

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