Prince George, more shy than the princess Charlotte ? Learn more about the personality of the little boy

While the prince George seems to have a personality much less expressive than her sister, more is known about his personality !

A little boy who is very shy ? Well, yes, the meltynautes, if you carefully follow the every move of the royal family, you certainly know that the elder of the small tribe is much more reserved than her little sister. While the beginning of’ melty offered you to discover the first gift that the prince George received for his birthday, it would seem that the little boy hides well its game if we are to believe the information in the magazine People : “George is very independent and there is no interest to play with the princess Charlotte permanently. They are very close but he likes to do a lot of things on his side. It is a bit of a loner.”

The source goes on to confident : “He needs a little time to calms down and to be trusted. But once he is comfortable with you, he is very talkative and it is very charming. He was very stressed during this school year in her new school. The same morning visit to his little brother Louis, he was all smiles but as soon as the start approached, he was much more nervous. However, he is really happy in his school where everyone knows as George of Cambridge.” One thing is certain, the little boy is just as adorable as his sister. In the meantime, check out the new photo of prince George is the spitting image of Kate Middleton.

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