Prince George spitting image of his mother Kate Middleton ? A new photo ignites the Canvas !

While prince George has just celebrated its five-year anniversary, a new photo is the buzz on the web !

Too cute ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, the two children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge never end to fascinate admirers of the royal clan. It must be said that they have all of the ideal family. While the beginning of’ melty offered you to discover the huge secret that Kate Middleton and prince William have not revealed to the prince George, know that the likeness of the little boy with both of his parents are extremely interested viewers. And this is the last photo of the little prince revealed by the Kensington Palace on the occasion of her birthday who touched the Canvas at the point of giving birth to another shot !

In fact, the official portrait of the five years in the prince George further accentuated his resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge as you can see by HERE. A montage that proves once more how much the elder of the tribe wishes of his parents. One thing is certain, the couple has never looked so happy and we are thrilled for them. It remains for us to wait patiently as the three children grow up to take over both of their famous parents. Pending further information, check out all the nicknames of the members of the royal family and you will get a good laugh.

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  1. If down market tabloid newspapers were not so willing to pay big bucks to any woman prepared to gossip about a celeb there would be no market for this kind of story.

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