Prince George : Why the son of prince William and Kate Middleton-does it all to the big brother ideal ?

Since its birth, prince George is passionate for the lovers of the royal family. At the time of his resemblance to the prince William is more and more blatant, we have investigated its abilities as a big brother !

Big brother ! While it came out a little earlier on all of the stars of Glee who are in couple, in addition to the Channel, all eyes are currently riveted on the prince George which has just celebrated its 5 years of which the resemblance with his father, prince William, is increasingly great. More importantly, George was like his father, very seriously, to ensure the protection and safety of younger that him. Level, this boils down to is ensuring that his sister Charlotte and his brother Louis have anything they want. This may seem insignificant but can already see in the prince George to a potential great king. Prince George is beginning to show traits of character that are unique and that differentiate it from its relatives. For you, we have listed the 5 reasons that make it a good big brother !

1) It is voluntary. According to the words of his maternal grandmother, Carole Middleton, young George has no problem getting hands dirty. The proof being that when he visits him in the offices of his company, Party Pieces, it lifts up its sleeves and help the best he can. Even more, he would love to play all the store managers ! From store manager to manager of an empire, there may be only one step ? 2) It is a joker in the soul. Often presented as a child booked to the side of a sister who distracts the press and the paparazzi, prince George could well make us a nice surprise soon. Indeed, if one believes the words of a source of People close to the royal family, “George takes a little time to warm up but once he feels comfortable with you, he talks a lot and very charming.” Like William a few years ago, the real George could be quite the opposite of the image of the boy-wise and shy, that the media give him to the present time.

3) It is the heir of the Windsor, which is comforting. According to the words of the correspondent Emily Andrews, who has attended the wedding of prince Harry and Meghan Markle, prince George has played a big role on this day and avoid a drama. One of the young bridesmaids, Zalie Warren felt that he was apparently not well. Emily Andrew says : “The poor Zalie Warren has made a small crisis. She’s only 2 years old. She started crying while he waited for Meghan Markle. It was only 2 minutes while the nanny Maria Borallo took care of it while George was trying apparently to calm him down, which is adorable.” 4) He loves to cook. During a short interview with Hello! Magazine, the duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has claimed that his elder and his daughter Charlotte loved making pizzas. There is more hope for the day when he must keep his brothers, he remembers the recipe !

5) Her style is to die for. Shorts, overalls, knee socks, shirts with clear… Everything in the closet of prince George is to keep. And as we told you this morning, her outfits matched those of prince William are a must-see absolute. In addition to being trendy, the prince George loves to checker held his father for inspiration. As a great lover of the passing of the torch, it’s a safe bet that the young Louis will also, soon, a fantastic style ! Bonus : since the arrival of Louis in April last year, the prince George takes to heart his role of big brother. In addition to letting her little sister have the impression to manage the hut, he likes to spend time with Louis and ensure that they have both enough to eat and enough toys !

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