Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be parents soon ? The question that bothers !

Married since may 19 of last year, prince Harry and Meghan Markle are constantly hearing the same question during their travel : the baby it is for when ? Funny at the beginning, the question eventually disturb !

Baby on its way ? This is the question that agitates the whole people press british since the wedding of prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle. Sumptuous and revolutionary, this marriage has caused much ink to flow. And this, in particular because of many sources of ill-informed have assumed that it was “too soon” because Meghan was pregnant. However, Meghan is far away to wait for his first child. Then it has failed to be injured at Wimbledon by Rafael Nadal, Meghan Markle may unfortunately hear this question more often. Maybe even too often !

It is, in any case, the sad conclusion of the australian site News , which, after having condensed the a few notes the most recent heard about this child awaited by the public, believes that the society in which we live today still waiting of the princesses (or at least the wives of princes) that they provide for the offspring. And nothing else ! And as explained in the media in question, this logic is perhaps not only dedicated to the wives of princes. In fact, the case of Chrissy Teigen is also very telling. Married since 2013 singer John Legend, she was once known for her talents as a model and facilitator. Today, he was invited on tv shows more often to talk about her husband, her children, or those to come…

More than accustomed to embarrassing questions from the public, prince Harry seems to have what to do with this famous question : when the first child ? But nothing assures us that Meghan Markle takes it with as much self-deprecating humor… the image of Kate Middleton who can now rest (it has done its job “wife” as some would say), the fate and popularity of Meghan Markle today seem linked to her children to come. But waiting to know if she is pregnant, when she is pregnant, and if it is a girl or a boy, simply note that she has paid tribute to prince Harry in a manner very surprising to Wimbledon !

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  1. No idea why she still has ‘duchess’ has her title . And she doesn’t have 200 debtors, as stated in the article. She has 200 creditors. She just wishes she had 200 debtors ….. LOL.

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