Prince Philip in hospital LIVE – Duke of Edinburgh ‘in good spirits’ and walking unaided after ‘feeling unwell’

PRINCE Philip has gone to hospital after feeling unwell.

The Duke travelled by car and walked into hospital, it was confirmed this afternoon.

It was not an emergency admission and his illness is not covid related.

A Palace statement said: “The stay in hospital is purely precautionary.

“The Duke had been feeling unwell for a short period and the Doctor was called.  The Queen remains at Windsor.”

Follow our Prince Philip live blog below for the very latest on his condition…


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  1. 2018 IVVN Female Fellowship Awards I thought Prince Harry was supposed to be knuckling down and studying to pass his failed exams in the RAF? Everyone is bending over backwards to ensure he passes, but he just appears to think it is a given thing that he will pass next-time. I am SURE the ‘stunned mullet’ look that has appeared in the paper will further his career! Prince William is a lost cause, he has chosen a woman of dubious intentions and now Prince Harry has been targeted by the same ilk. The worse thing being that KM is an associate of this one……..I think Prince Harry is doomed like his brother! The pair of them owe some respect to their Grandmother and Grandfather. Instead of using their privileged position in life to good effect they appear on the surface to be abusing their position to further their own ends in their private-life. A by-product and their own fault is bad publicity, so any good they might do gets drowned by their previous antics! KM is bad news all round for the Royal-Family she will be the cause of less respect for the Monarchy in the future! I doubt anyone within the Royal-Circle will realise this, until it is too late……..Good-luck and God Save The Queen!!!

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