Prince William and Kate Middleton ready to break a new royal tradition ?

Prince William and Kate Middleton never miss an opportunity to shake up the rules of the british monarchy, and could soon break a major royal tradition !

Whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the two couples seem to be determined to modernize the british monarchy. Several times they have broken the rules of the protocol and do not count to stop there. While it is revealed that Kate Middleton and Prince William have not yet revealed a huge secret to their son, Prince George, they could also soon put an end to a great royal tradition. Since Queen Victoria moved to Buckingham Palace in 1837, the monarch and his family have always lived in the famous palace. Currently, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are living together in private apartments on the north side of the residence while the rooms on the upper floors of the north and east sides are occupied by other members of the royal family. But when Prince William becomes King, he could choose to live elsewhere !

According to the Times, prince Charles would want to give up Buckingham Palace as the royal residence, and continue to live in Clarence House, while making Buckingham Palace a “headquarters of the monarchy” more professional. “I know that he is not a fan of ‘the big house’, as he calls the palace. He doesn’t see it as a future home be a viable or a home that is suited to the modern world. It is estimated that its maintenance, both from the point of view of costs and the environment, is not sustainable.”, declared a source. Prince William would be quite in agreement with his father, believing that it is too expensive to manage the property of 775 rooms. It is therefore possible that Kate Middleton, Prince William and their children remain at Kensington Palace where the Duke of Cambridge will become King. Clarence House, however, insisted on the fact that no major changes will happen soon because “Buckingham Palace remains the official residence of the monarch in London”. Anyway, there is change in the air !

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