Prince William and prince George-bound, check out the photos that prove that they are father and son

The fathers know : when you have a son, the desire to match his clothes to his disciples is always great. And this is not prince William, who will say the opposite. Here is endless evidence that prince George is his son !

Like father, like son ! If we told you recently why we love prince William, the elder son of Lady Diana, now married to Kate Middleton, it goes without saying that it was a no-go in addition to his eldest son to him, the love prince George. Born in July 2013, the 3rd member of the royal family in the order of succession to the throne continues to fascinate the crowds and the tabloids. No wonder then that the us magazine Page Six analysis and dissects each of the looks the big brother of Charlotte and Louis. And their latest revelations are quite tasty : dressed like his father prince William, the little George is even cuter !

On the photo of George unveiled for Kate and William after the baptism of Louis, it is noted that the held white and blue displayed by the prince George is not new. In fact, 33 years earlier, it is prince William who wore clothes of the same style, for the baptism of his brother Harry. A coincidence that is so close ! But this is not the first time that the two older children are dressed the same way : in 2015, for the baptism of Charlotte, George wore a set of white and red very similar to the one worn by prince William when he visited Harry for the first time, a few hours after his birth in 1984 ! As you can imagine, it was all the more excited to see the next outfits of prince George. In the rest of the news of the royal family, check out why the princess Charlotte fascinates as much.

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