Prince William : What sports does he attempt to teach the prince George and the princess Charlotte ?

This is one of the questions that all of the world : what are the plans of prince William as to the sports education of his children George and Charlotte ? Well we now have the answer !

In the right hands ! One thing is for sure, the prince George and princess Charlotte are children placed in good hands. In addition to the armada of people in charge of their safety and well-being, they also have a dad in gold. As we told you recently that questions about the potential pregnancy of Meghan Markle begin to disturb, prince William and Kate Middleton visited this Sunday in the final of the Wimbledon tournament, which ended with the victory of Novak Djokovic. Excited to be able to congratulate them in person, the princely couple took the opportunity to exchange a few words with the player of tennis on their respective children. Very interested in the well-being of children the most famous on the planet, Novak Djokovic has naturally asked : “How are your children ?” prince William and Kate Middleton.

To which the first replied : “Very well, thank you, very well. Trying to hold a racket in their hands. As well as a soccer ball.” Aware of the countless possibilities that their position offers them, the couple never ceases to offer new activities to their children. Last fall, as noted by the magazine Town & Country, Kate was trying to learn how to make, that George plays with the balls and stop just typing it. While in march, prince William would have entrusted to Michelle Muscat, the wife of the prime minister of Malta, about Charlotte who “love to dance , according to his statements. You will understand, he will not be surprised if one day, the prince George and the princess Charlotte landed on top of a podium, not to deliver a medal but to see return ! In the rest of the timeliness of Windsor, note that Meghan has paid tribute to prince Harry this weekend while she was also at Wimbledon.

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