Prince William real rascal, with his mother, Lady Diana, an adorable video of his childhood resurfaced

When he was younger, prince William was a real prank. Fortunately, the princess Diana had the perfect solution for that it would obey her.

We tend to forget it but princess Diana has revolutionized how we teach the children born within the royal family. If these last were of the ordinary left to their nurse, the mother of Harry and William, has preferred to occupy itself. Taking his son to eat burgers or spend an afternoon in an amusement park, the young woman shook up the codes put in place by the protocol. This wind of modernity instilled by Lady Di has finally helped prince William and Kate Middleton to raise their own children. An education away from the formalism imposed by the rules of etiquette. The proof with this adorable video memory on the childhood of prince William.

You may not know this but when prince William was little, it was a real little rascal, bears witness to this former mini clip above. Fortunately, the princess Diana knew how to get there ! While one sees ask his son to join, to leave, the little boy stubbornly stay in the bushes. Without raising your voice, Lady Di will then tell him : “too bad for you, Harry will play him.” A phrase that will quickly reacting to the toddler because he will start screaming “no, no, No”, while running to join his mother and brother. A memory that is as hilarious as endearing. It remains in the mignonitude by letting you discover this detail on the princess Charlotte that you probably missed on the photos of the baptism of the prince Louis.

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