Princess Charlotte : Why Prince Harry was not at his baptism ?

If the Queen has not attended the baptism of Prince Louis, Prince Harry had on him, missed that of the Princess Charlotte. But why was he absent from the ceremony ?

Monday, 9 July 2018 was a great day for Cambridge. In fact, the little Prince Louis was christened in front of the whole royal family, with the exception of the Queen, who was tired and had preferred to rest before you tackle a busy week. The official photos of the ceremony are absolutely beautiful and we were reminded that those of the christenings of Prince George and Princess Charlotte were also very successful. While the Queen was absent from the ceremony last week, a member of the royal family had not attended the baptism of Princess Charlotte. Yes, someone very important is completely absent in the photographs. He is the uncle of the girl, Prince Harry ! But why the Duke of Sussex had he zapped the baptism of his niece ? Don’t worry, he had a good reason !

The Princess Charlotte was also baptised in July, three years ago. At that time, Prince Harry was on a journey of three months in Africa that had begun in the month of June, to support conservation projects if we are to believe The Telegraph. The Prince Harry had even joked about it saying that it was “bad uncle” for having missed a special event. He had also missed the birth of the princess Charlotte, as it was deployed for a month in Australia with the army. He had entrusted forward to meet the niece he walked out of Sydney, five days after. Prince Harry, who was reacting following statements shocking the father of Meghan Markle, however, is caught up by attending the baptism of Prince Louis with his wife.

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    Why did you immerse them in the great bath of synchronized swimming?
    It was everything I was looking for. A human chain, a rather old-fashioned activity, which would marginalize them a little more and devilish them. The pool, very maternal symbol, is a cocoon where one is safe from the judgment of others. To throw oneself into the big bath, for these men, means not to lose one’s foot anymore, to take one’s head out of the water together. We all need a medal. It means a new look, a caress, a little love. Recognition to rebound.

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