Princess Charlotte still in the dress, find out why Kate Middleton does him never wear pants

You may have noticed, the princess Charlotte, only wears dresses since its birth ! Now we know why Kate Middleton he chooses this kind of outfit.

As we know, the princess Charlotte and prince George are very popular, even if they have characters that are very different ! If her little sister has a temper decided, joyous, and authoritative, the son of Kate Middleton and prince William is not as extroverted as her sister. Recently, a source confided, on the timidity of the prince George and his personality : “He needs a little time to calms down and to be trusted. But once he is comfortable with you, he is very talkative and it is very charming. He was very stressed during this school year in her new school. The same morning visit to his little brother Louis, he was all smiles but as soon as the start approached, he was much more nervous. However, he is really happy in his school where everyone knows as George of Cambridge.” One thing is for sure, the two toddler royal are adorable and we can’t wait to see them grow their little brother ! But today, it is their clothes that we are interested in.

In fact, you may have noticed, that when their appearances official, prince George is often subscribed to shorts, while his younger sister is always in a dress. The little girl has never been seen in pants, a choice which causes the curiosity of many fans. And now we know why ! In fact, the site, The Telegraph has interviewed Rachel Riley, the designer who has made several outfits worn by the children of Kate and William, and she explained that it was the duchess of Cambridge who chose the clothes for her children. And she made to wear dresses to the princess Charlotte because they are “classics” and “timeless” : “The reason why I create outfits of this kind it is because if they wear very simple, these are the children that one note, and it is timeless so you can’t really date a particular picture”. A reasoning that also applies to the shorts of George ! If Charlotte was surely right to pants when she does not do public appearances for the last Kate prefers a traditional style. One thing is for sure, the princess Charlotte has fascinated the public, and we understand why !

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