Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas : the wedding preparations have already begun

For Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, there was no question of waiting. As a couple, since the month of June, the two lovers have already decided to say “yes” and do not have the intention to push back the date of their marriage. Now is the time for the official presentations. According to information from E !News, the lovebirds invited their loved ones to an amazing festival this weekend in India to celebrate their engagement. “Nick Jonas and his family fly to India this weekend to attend a party organized by the family of Priyanka,” reveals a source close to the couple. “This will be the first time that their families meet and get to know each other”, adds the interviewee by the american site.

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A marriage in the indian tradition

This first meeting will be an opportunity for the two lovers begin to discuss wedding preparations with their families. It was also very important for Priyanka to host this evening in his native country. “It is the tradition to meet before the wedding and the family of Priyanka insisted to receive the Jonah in their country,” says a source to E !News. “Priyanka wants everything to be in the tradition to respect the values of his family and wishes definitely having an indian wedding.” According to the american media, the young couples are eager to celebrate their union with their loved ones so that everyone can meet and discuss the organization of the wedding : “All the preparations are moving very quickly and Priyanka and Nick don’t want to have a long engagement.”

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