Procrastination : 10 tips unstoppable to stop procrastinating

Your pile of ironing has taken gargantuan size, your fridge is desperately empty (too lazy to go to the supermarket), your mother is waiting for your call since 3 days, the files piling up on your desk… No doubt, you are a procrastinatrice !

Procrasti… what ? The procrastinationis the art of procrastinating – or almost. “I’ll do it later, this is not urgent” is the phrase preferred by the procrastinateur, which never manages to complete a project. A behavior that can have a real impact (and negative!) on our everyday life…

Why procrastine ?

For Michael Ferrari, author of Stop the procrastination, it is malin (ed Leduc.S), the procrastination is primarily related to an erroneous perception of reality and our capacity : we always have the impression of having time in front of us.

“We believe that procrastination saves us from what we fear, and that it provides us with benefits,” adds the specialist. So, it was always an excellent excuse to push back the next day what you didn’t want to do…

Good news : procrastination, you can get out of it. By setting achievable goals, first (a big project is divided still into smaller steps), but also by showing kindness towards self (not just self-flogging, it’s no use!).

Read : Stop procrastination, it is clever, Michael Ferrari, ed Leduc.S

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It is decided, we stop précrastiner !

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