Full program 23 Exercise Ball Gym


These exercise ball gym will not lead to an increase in muscle size but will depending on the duration and the pace adopted to gain in tone or in explosive strength of muscles.

Program Tone: long series, 30 seconds, 20 to 30 repetitions at a moderate pace, recovery time equal to the execution time

Program Explosive: short series, the maximum number of repetitions in 15 seconds, still technically mastered, cooldown 2 minutes

  1. Exercises for the abdominals
  2. Exercises for the glutes
  3. Exercises for the thighs
  4. Exercises for the arms
  5. Exercises for the pectoral muscles
  6. Exercises for the shoulders

Exercises for the abdominals

These 5 exercises gym with a ball for abdominal seek in contraction isotonic the surface layers and deep layers of the abdominal muscles and the isometric contraction to stabilize the entire body, the other muscles of the body. A contraction isotonic is a contraction with approximation of the insertion points, so there is a movement of the body , so that, during an isometric contraction the muscle attachments remain fixed, it is a maintain still in the balance mastered. The stabilization effort at the level of the shoulders will be bigger with a large balloon for the first exercise , since the feet are elevated.

ballon de gym exercicesThe 2° fiscal year is a variation in the position returned from the sweater and also solicits the latissimus dorsi, the pectorals and the serratus anterior. The abdominal muscles to provide them a work of cladding. The 3° and 4° exercises are transcripts of the bust. The last seeks the oblique abdominal and will be all the more difficult because the ball gym will be small.

Bending the legs on the bust

exercice pour les abdominaux avec ballon de gym

Be sure to keep the arms vertical. Only the legs provide a movement of the body by their bending.

The opening and closing of the angle arm bust

exercice pour les abdominaux avec ballon de gym

It is necessary to avoid any camber ridge. The support on the ball always passes arms the arms and not the bust, it is thus necessary to stop the opening of the shoulders as soon as contact is made between the top of the chest and the ball.

Transcript of bust hands at the nape of the neck

exercice pour les abdominaux avec ballon de gym

It is unnecessary to arch the kidneys to this exercise. We must not be release to the rear or to mark a pause in this position. In a first time it is even better to stop the descent back when the torso and thighs are aligned.

Winding back arms folded in front of oneself

exercice pour les abdominaux avec ballon de gym

The bending of the bust goes up to the detachment of the shoulder blades as for the crunch classic without equipment.

Statement side of bust for the oblique abdominal

exercice pour les abdominaux avec ballon de gym

This exercise concentrates the effort on the abs and obliques. Needless to wiggle in the end of the climb ; by precaution, it is possible to stop the movement to the alignment bust-legs.

You have not yet purchased of the ball ? No problem it is possible to tone your abs without equipment with our Abs programme Starting . It is downloadable free of charge .programme Abdos Débutant ou après grossesse

Exercises for the glutes

These 5 exercises with a ball gym-targeting effort preferentially on the muscles of the buttocks , but they require at the same time an important work at the level of lumbar, dorsal and hamstring. Without the ball fitness it is possible to tone the gluteal muscles by following our program to the body weight to firm up the buttocks

Back Extension with support at ball gym

For this first exercise in back extension, the back rest on the ball can be located more or less high on the spine. Support the bottom, close to the kidneys, which saves the muscles of the back. Support the ball at the level of shoulder will cause a contraction, the more important of the lumbar but also of the hamstrings.

exercice avec ballon de gym pour les fessiers

Extension with support foot on the ball and support back to the ground

This 2° exercise requires an effort of the hamstrings at the end of realization. This are successively the lower back, then glutes, then hamstrings, which are required. By spreading the arms and directing the peaume of the hands towards the ground it will stabilise the whole body.

exercice avec ballon de gym pour les fessiers

It will be sure to warm up the region of the cervical vertebrae by large movements of flexion-extension of the neck and rotating the head before you perform this movement.

exercicers faciles d'échauffement de la nuque et des muscles du cou
3 simple exercises to warm-up at the level of the cervical vertebrae

Extensions back support belly on the ball

The 3° and 4° exercises in extension musclent glutes and back-end equally. The effort is evenly distributed over the entire channel muscle ridge.

exercice avec ballon de gym pour les fessiers
Back Extension leg and arm opposite
exercice avec ballon de gym pour les fessiers
Extension simultaneous legs

Squat with a ball in gym and dumbbells

The last exercise is a squat with support on ball and dumbbells. As for the other exercises with dumbbells and ball it will be important to ensure that the mass moved to allow the execution of a minimum of 10 reps per set to develop the tone and not the volume.

exercice avec ballon de gym et haltères pour les fessiers

Weight-training program without equipment for glutes

Without any hardware it is still possible to tone up the glutes with this Program to the Weight of Body Weight from the Buttocks to Follow At home, consisting of 8 exercises, muscle strengthening and 3 stretching exercises.

Ball gym: Exercises for the thighs

These 3 exercises with ball exercise for the thighs, are variations of the squat. The first squat exercise Legs is a squat with one leg with the back leg on a support raised, here a ball, but you can also use a bench or stair step.

The 2° exercise is a good introduction to the squat free leg. The support rib unstable requires monitoring and proprioceptive at the level of gluteal muscles and back as well as a pipe lining of the abdominal oblique and the deep muscles of the abdomen. In addition to the need to maintain the free leg very bent there is an important work ds hamstrings. This is a full year which meets all the requirements of the’functional training, the muscle chains must act in coordination to balance and move the body.

The 3° exercise squat thighs is a variant easier from the squat the prisoner made hands to the nape of the neck and back supported on the ball. The facility provided by the back rest should not make us forget the lateral instability due to the ball; there, too, as during the exercise the thighs previous, the deep abdominal are widely solicited.

Squat on one leg

exercice de fitness avec ballon de gym pour les cuisses

Put the kick on a ball unstable is seeking much more muscular capacity of balance as on a step or a bench. Be careful not to do too much roll the ball to the back during bending under the penalty of being destabilized and fall. The first bending should be performed slowly in order to measure the optimum range of movement.

Squat on one leg with support rib on ball gym

exercice de fitness avec ballon de gym pour les cuisses

We will support, frankly, the shoulder at the level of its curved part , the deltoid muscle, during this exercise. The right angle formed by the shoulders and the wall support must be maintained constantly. In all cases, the amplitude of the bending must always allow the ascent. It is not beneficial to be too down and stop the exercise away from the wall and releasing the pressure on the fitball.

Squat the prisoner with a back rest on gymball

exercice de fitness avec ballon de gym pour les cuisses

To run the extension without difficulty flexing on thighs must stop as soon as they are horizontally or as soon as the ball touches the shoulder blades.

Exercises for the arms

These 5 exercise ball workout to strengthen the arms seek in contraction isotonic the extensor muscles of the arm (triceps) and isometric contraction of the shoulder muscles (deltoid and pectoral muscles) and core (deep abdominal). The first 3 exercises are pumps simplified. The 2 other drills are, on the contrary, it is more challenging than a typical pump, since the feet are elevated. The great rights of the abdominal muscles are active in contraction isotonic to the last. The size of the ball-template of the practitioner matters little. The stabilization effort at the level of the shoulders will be just more grand with a grand ball for the last 2 years, since the feet are elevated.

Extension arm with support prone on the fitball

pompe en appui ventral avec ballon de gym

It is for this exercise to reach simultaneously the arms and the legs but without bending too much back. The head is maintained so that the gaze is horizontal , the neck right. One must grow by the extension of the arms resting on the shoulders. The pool is just in contact with the ball but there is no pressure in the body voluntary. Unlike a typical pump, there is no cladding, ventral.

Extension arm with elbow support on the gymball

pompe appui coudes avec ballon de gym

The exercise is performed in two stages. A thrust of the legs causes a passage in the support on the forearm in a position sheathing the ventral oblique . The angle arm rest does not vary ; the shoulders maintain this angle of 90 °. the head remains in the extension of the trunk ; the eye remains directed towards the ball. in a second step the extension of the arm straightens the bust , the legs remaining taut ; the gaze becomes horizontal . The effort of maintenance of the shoulders is important to avoid any movement of the ball to the sides or to the front.

Pump tilted on swissball

pompe inclinée avec ballon de gym

Found this on the gesture classic pump , body wrapped in supports hands-feet. The angle formed with the ground because of the support on the ball makes the thrust of the arms easier but it should not be overlooked the effort of lateral stabilization under penalty to be unbalanced and possibly fall. To avoid this, be sure to bring the belly button on the ball and not the chest ; the hands will be more close to the center of gravity.

Pump comes on ball in fitness

pompe declinee avec ballon de gym

All the effort of the movement is concentrated on the upper limbs. The cladding of the trunk and support of the balloon on the thighs, stabilize the whole. Triceps, deltoids, and pectorals will ensure the rise of the bust up to the horizontal. It is necessary, of course, avoid to arch during this exercise. In case of difficulty at this level, we will think of closer to the support on the ball of the pubis.

Bending enchainées arms and legs on bust

pompe et flexion jambes avec ballon de gym

This exercise is broken down into two actions : push the arm as in the previous year , and flexion of the legs. The bending will only be possible if the support on the ball is located on the bottom of the thighs and on the knees. The first part is flexed on the arm, therefore, is more difficult than previously because the effort of sleeving and global stabilization is much more important because of the distance between the appuii on the floor of the hands and the support on the ball of the thighs and knees. We will carry out this exercise only if the previous one is perfectly running without camber. For this we will in a first time, a series of bending arm in away the ball to the pubic area.

Exercises for the pectoral muscles

These 2 exercise ball workout for the pectorals require weights. The first exercise is called Butterfly allows a rapid scaling and exclusive of the pectoral, the 2° is a variant of the bench press and also seeks the bundles anterior deltoids and the triceps brachiaux. The dorsal muscles-the lumbar and gluteal muscles provide the stabilization of the body. The chosen weight for the dumbbells should still allow the execution of a minimum of 10 reps per set.

The exercise ball for the arms may also be used because the chest muscles are also actively involved in the movement of the pump, that is to say, extension of the arm characteristic of these exercises.

Butterfly on ball with dumbbells

exercice sur ballon de gym pour les pectoraux
The butterfly on ball with dumbbells strengthens the upper body

The butterfly on ball muscle the chest, the front part of the shoulders and the triceps which helps to tighten the skin at the back of the arm . By practicing this exercise, it also strengthens the glutes and the lower back because the effort of maintaining cipp liners is relatively important. It is indeed necessary to ensure a dynamic balance in general to counteract the movement caused by the upper limbs. To do this the soles of the feet are fully in contact with the ground and the legs are spread apart and form an angle of 60 degrees approximately. This is to prevent absolutely, under penalty of a fall, keep on the balls of the feet.

Bench press on ball with dumbbells

exercice sur ballon de gym pour les pectoraux

This extension of the arms to the top will be executed more surely by asking the two shoulder blades on the ball and not the nape of the neck. It is important to maintain the legs in alignment with the bust to develop muscles also glutes and hamstrings in isometric contraction, that is to say without causing movement but by stabilizing the body.

Tone chest and strengthen the pectoral muscles

According to the objective sought and the owned equipment in the weight training the chest muscles you can lead to one or the other of the links below.

exercices et programme de musculation pour tonifier la poitrine et les pectoraux

Exercises for the shoulders

These 3 exercise ball workout to strengthen the shoulders also require dumbbells whose weight will allow the run of series of 10 repetitions at least. Too heavy loads cause a degradation of the quality of the gesture and of the risk of injury to persons little accustomed to the muscle building. In addition, by increasing the expenses and reducing the number of repetitions it would deviate from the goal of muscle toning for the benefit of a gain of strength and mass. As a general rule, for a maintenance-physical with the ball, it is always better to opt for long time series performed at a relatively slow pace and mastered because the effort of balance that is provided is also important for the general fitness that activation in motor as a result of displacement of the weights. The dumbbells can be replaced by bowling balls made by full hand, by chevillères firmly attached to the wrists or finally by small plastic bottles of 1/3 or 1/2 litre

Lateral Extension

This first exercise in lateral extension tones the deltoide, the trapezius and the rhomboid. The action of closing the arm support on the ball will ensure the straightness of the bust. The head remains permanently in the wake of the bust without bending, or rotation, or extension marked. The only physical support to the ground is the outer part of the foot. It will also need to keep a perfect alignment between the leg and the trunk; you will thus avoid any hips. The lateral extension is made with the arm stretched. When the load is brought to its high point one can record a rotation of the upper member so that the palm of the hand is directed upwards. This last action of rotation is not visible on the diagram. We will perform 2 sets of 10 reps for each arm . The arm can be applied in alternation to allow proper muscle recovery.

exercice avec ballon de gym pour les epaules

Developed tilted simultaneous or alternating

This 2° exercise for the shoulders is a developed inclined. The extension of the arms to raise 2 dumbbells can run simultaneously or alternately to use more of the deep muscles stabilizers. The support on the ball should be between the 2 shoulder blades. The extension of the arms to the top should be the only move action visible body. We therefore should not arch back or the nape of the neck. Similarly, the contraction of the lower limbs is isometric; the muscles of the quadriceps and calf muscles are contracted, but only to ensure the dynamic balance in general as well in the axis of the bust from side to side. This exercise is excellent to strengthen the beams, upper pectorals, as well as bundles anterior deltoids and the triceps brachiaux. The upper part of the trapezius is also requested but to a lesser extent. For a body maintenance we will perform an initial set of 10 repetitions in extensions to simultaneous two-arm, then a second of 20 reps extensions-alternating so that each arm has been stretched 10 times.

exercice avec ballon de gym pour les epaules

Back Extension

The last exercise in the back extension strengthens the beams posterior deltoids, the rhomboids and trapezius. It is not useful to exceed with the loads to the horizontal line passing through the shoulders; this would lead to a lumbar curve and a significant risk of back pain. The feet should be fairly wide apart to prevent any imbalance to the side. The back down is slow and controlled. One must clearly feel the shoulder blades come closer together . the arms are flexed up to reach at the end of a 90-degree angle . There is certainly a bending of the arms in the beginning of the movement but it is mostly the end of the movement that muscle back, and shoulders . You will be able to mark a stopping time of 5 seconds when the above maximum is achieved for the charges. The volume of work to start with is 2 sets of 15 reps back extension simultaneous to the right and left sides.

exercice avec ballon de gym pour les epaules

Other strength training exercises and stretching for the shoulders

There are many other exercises to develop muscles of the shoulders with elastic bands, hanging straps or a loaded barbell disks. If this article with a ball gym you interested you’ll also probably have our complete dossier on the weight of the shoulders

The amplitude and mobility of the shoulder joint must not be forgotten. A simple stick will suffice for all the days, if possible, the exercise of moving the light with arms extended above the head and bring it back to the level of the kidneys without moving your hands during the movement.

étirement des épaules avec baton à faire quotidiennement à la maison

For a more comprehensive approach you can view our page :

Tests and stretching exercises to improve the flexibility of the shoulder

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