Proud members of mile high club confess their randy tales of sex in plane loos while their kids were asleep

SEX at 35,000ft is still the ultimate fantasy for randy Brits.

Seventy-eight per cent of cheeky passengers dream of joining the mile high club – yet only five per cent actually have, according to research by international online dating site Saucy Dates.

More than three quarters of us dreaming of joining the Mile High Club, research shows
More than three quarters of passengers dream of joining the Mile High Club, research shows
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Many celebs from Richard Branson to Kris Jenner have admitted they’ve got jiggy while up in the clouds, even though it is illegal to have sex in a toilet which the public has access to.

Here, three lads reveal the moment they joined the world’s most exclusive club:

‘I had to put my hand over my wife’s mouth – it was over in seconds’

Engineer Maurice Garbutt,  53, is married and from Hunmanby, Yorkshire. 

“It was 2014 when it happened. The wife and me were taking our daughter and the grandkids on holiday to Egypt.

Hayley and me had just got back together after a split. We were loved up again and very physical with one another as you are in the throes of an early relationship.

My other half has always been handsy with me. She redefines the meaning of PDAs (public displays of affection). Even in the departure lounge she was getting randy and well touchy-feely with me.

Maurice is pictured with his wife
Maurice, pictured with his wife, says sex in the plane loo was ‘over in seconds’

It was a night flight out of Manchester. Our daughter and the kids were settled in the row in front of us and we were sat behind. I don’t like to sleep on flights and neither does Hayley.

An hour into the flight I needed to go to the loo. I wandered down the back of the plane. None of the flight attendants were there – they were in the mid-section of the plane, serving refreshments.

After I’d had a pee I opened the door and there was my wife. She pushed me back inside.

Within seconds she had unzipped my trousers. She tried to straddle me but it was not happening. The loo was just too small. So we did a weird standing-up pose.

I’d had a few to drink and the excitement meant it was over in seconds. It redefined the meaning of a quickie. But the orgasm was amazing – very intense!

Maurice, seen on holiday
The dad says his daughter ‘clocked what had gone on’ and ‘didn’t speak to us for the first day’

I had to put my hand over my wife’s mouth. She’s normally a bit of a talker when we have sex. Fortunately she kept it down.

When we were done she unlocked the door and a woman was waiting.  The filthy look she gave us suggested she knew exactly what had happened.

“Hayley being Hayley said, ‘he had a bit of a problem with his trousers!’ I don’t think she believed a word. In fairness I’d given the area a good wipe down.

“When we got back to our seats, our daughter had woken up. She clocked what had gone on and was horrified and just gave us the evils. She didn’t speak to us for the first day.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and can cross it off my bucket list. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

‘I had sex with a girl I’d never met on party flight’

Groundsman Ashley Boyce, 37, is single and lives in Stansted, Essex.

“In 2008 I was on a plane bound for Antalya in Turkey. It was the start of the season and the flight had been chartered to get us holiday reps out in the resorts.

There were 125 of us heading out to ‘work’ the summer season. As it was staff it was a night flight out of Gatwick. Everyone was well oiled by the time we took off at 3am.

Ashley was working as a holiday rep when he had sex with a stranger in the bathroom
Ashley, from Essex, was working as a holiday rep when he joined the exclusive club

I was working in Marmaris for the first time and didn’t know anyone on the plane. It didn’t matter because the party vibe had already kicked in before we had taken off.

When the seatbelts sign got switched off everyone started partying. The air stewardesses were going mad. They kept telling us to calm it down but they were ignored.

A couple of times the pilot came on and threatened to land at the nearest airport if we didn’t behave. No one took any notice though.

The girls were worse than the lads. I went to the loo about halfway into the flight.

When I unlocked the door there was a girl standing there. She pushed me back into the loo. We’d never even met before! I didn’t even know her name either.

Ashley, pictured today, says the girl pushed him into the loo
Ashley, pictured today, says sex was ‘very uncomfortable with my bum squashed against the sink’

But within minutes we were having sex. It was very uncomfortable with my bum squashed against the sink.

As soon as it was over I zipped up. I couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. I won’t deny it was a real moment in my sex history!

When we both walked out everyone cheered. I just gave the thumbs up. We weren’t the only ones to have done the deed on the flight.

We were both on the same plane coming home at the end of the season.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t happen again – only because we were exhausted after working round the clock for six months.”

‘My girlfriend gave me oral sex in my seat’

Builder Rob Andrews, 32, is single and lives in East London.

“Four years ago me and my then-girlfriend were going on a mini-break to Spain. We were on a night flight out to Barcelona. We met at the airport and started drinking in the departure lounge. By the time we boarded we weren’t drunk, but we were definitely tipsy.

Rob received oral sex from his then-girlfriend as he sat in his seat
Rob received oral sex from his then-girlfriend as he sat in his seat

She was always one for sex outside. We’d only been dating for a few months but we’d already done the deed on a Kent beach, in Hyde Park and on a cricket pitch. I was more than happy to go along.

I knew exactly what she had in mind on the flight. I am 6ft 4in though and it isn’t easy to get into small spaces at the best of times.

When the seat belt signs had been switched off and after the first lot had finished going to the loo, she made me go into one of the cubicles at the back of the plane and leave the door unlocked.

She then joined me. We were both in fits of laughter because there was no way we were going to be able to have sex in the loo. I could barely get inside there let alone stand upright with her in there as well.

As it was a late flight most people were asleep. So when we went back to our seat we waited until everyone around us had nodded off. We then put her coat over our laps and she went down on me first. It was very erotic being given oral sex and then having an orgasm on a flight.

When I was done I then had to return the favour to her. So I masturbated her using my hand. It was a real turn on seeing her come. You can’t make a sound either.

I’d definitely be up for having full blown sex on a transatlantic flight or one with bigger loos.”


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