PS5 stock checker UK – Argos to drop new PlayStation 5 stock with BT and EE set to follow on THURSDAY

FOLLOWING its November release, gamers have found it impossible to bag themselves the coveted PS5.

New stock drops at the likes of GAME, John Lewis and Amazon are snapped up before most us even have a chance to get on the websites, so it pays to be super-fast when rumours of an imminent release begin to swirl.

But never fear, The Sun is here….

You can follow all the latest news and stock rumours here, live on this page – giving you the very best chance to get yourself a console or accessories like wireless headphones.

Follow our PS5 live blog below for the very latest news and updates.


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  1. IN GRIEF: Sam Stobbart..?
    yeah right..!!!!

    By pete.. Posted August 8 2010 at 8:45 AM.

    So what are you saying that he deserved to die? Why don’t the press just leave the people caught up in this tragedy in peace, so they have the chance to heal and move on. Every day there is another “revelalation”, on what possible planet is this necessary. Or are you saying that this is in the public interest, I think not.

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