PS5 stock LIVE – Amazon to restock from Monday with bundles on sale until July 6 and latest on Argos, Currys & Smyths

AMAZON is set to restock its Ratchet & Clank bundles from Monday and will make them available until July 6.

A PS5 stock tracker page announced the deal which will set gamers back £509.99.

It comes after the much-sought console dropped at GAME and Very’s UK online stores on Monday and Tuesday.

A huge Playstation 5 restock has long been predicted and it seems like we could finally see a proper supply of consoles on the shelves this month.

The PS5 was released six months ago to critical acclaim but for millions of gamers it has proven almost impossible to get hold of.

Thanks to parts shortages, coronavirus-related delays and then, incredibly, a giant container ship blocking the Suez Canal and holding up deliveries, supplies to the UK has been incredibly limited.


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