Public to be asked whether ‘flying taxis’ should be allowed to carry passengers to tackle congestion

THE public could be canvassed on whether they believe “flying taxis” should be allowed to carry passengers.

Advisers at the Department of Transport have called on ministers to “explore the current level of public acceptance around ‘flying taxis’”

Transport chiefs may ask the British public whether flying taxis, such as this Vertical Aerospace design, should be allowed to transport passengers
SWNS:South West News Service

In a report called Position Statement on Future of Flight from the DfT’s science and advisory council it stated that “globally congestion is an increasing problem.”

It continued: “If personal air travel is to become a reality, we have to keep pace with demand and new patterns of travel.”

It noted that flying taxis would likely “attract the upper end of the market” and “be fully autonomous” which would not help how the public would receive them.

The DfT said: “One of the themes to our aviation strategy is enabling new technology and innovation and we continue to explore the role of government in preparing for these trends.”



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