Quads are the new biceps and fitness freaks like Adam Collard are flaunting the perfect ‘teardrop’ pins

GONE are the days when s six pack was the most sought-after body type at the gym, with male celebs drawing their focus elsewhere.

The teardrop quad is the muscle that stars like Adam Collard are now striving to achieve when working out.

Adam Collard is one of the many celebs to perfect the ‘teardrop quad’

Dalton Wong, director of Twenty Two Training, says there’s been a “huge shift” in the amount of men looking to improve that area.

He told The Times: “Most men just did not want to work their legs and it was always the upper body and the arms and chest that took priority. Not anymore.”

The teardrop-shaped vastus medialis oblique is one of the most difficult areas of the body to shape and is the “trademark of the well-worked body.”

Wong adds: “You need to commit to quadriceps-focused workouts once or twice a week at least.

One of the hardest muscles to work in the body it was no wonder that Michael Griffiths wanted to show off his
Anton Danyluk spent a total of 16 weeks building up his figure ahead of Love Island
And his hard work has clearly paid off as his perfectly chiselled quads prove

“You can’t isolate the quads, so you need to be committed to working the lower body really hard with exercises that will engage them.”

Among the exercises recommended by Wong are the notoriously tricky Bulgarian Split Squat as well as the simple Box Step.

The desire to perfect the quad muscle has no doubt been influenced by the trend for short shorts – the uniform of the Love Island alumni.

TOWIE’s Dan Osbourne has always had a muscular figure
But recently he has been dedicating his workouts to his legs to build up his quads

Plenty of the Love Island boys have showcased their perfectly sculpted legs including Michael Griffiths who relies on weighted, or “sumo”, squats to build up muscle.

And 2018 Love Island star Adam Collard says that he works on his legs three days a week in order to achieve a muscular look.

Meanwhile Anton Danyluk stuck to a strict 16 week plan that took his thighs from flimsy to thick by slowly decreasing his calorie intake and upping his cardio.

As a wrestler, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has built a career out of his muscular arms
But in his retirement he has had time to build some impressive quads while focusing on his legs

It is no surprise to see that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has perfected his quads with the actor seen regularly pumping iron on his Instagram account.

TOWIE’s Dan Osborne has always been into his fitness but recently the dad has been showcasing some mega muscles in his legs thanks to his “leg sessions” at the gym.

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