When Kaaris explains to his daughter of two years the conditions of his detention

On August 23, Booba and Kaaris were released after their brawl at the airport in paris Orly. The Duke of Boulogne was led to the prison of Fleury-Mérogis and its brother and enemy of the prison of Fresnes. Both have been incarcerated for 20 days. An absence that Kaaris tried to explain to her two year old daughter in a video posted Thursday on his account Instagram. “A week, she asked me where I was. How to explain to angel where I was?”, is he asks. Installed on a sofa to the sides of the small Okou Brooklyn Amra, the artist chose to tell him that he went to the “thalasso”. “There was a man with a stick, he said, “Dad is going to go thalasso”. Dad it went in spa, because the guy he thought he knew how he was going to eat, when to exit and when he had to wash”, he says before you tell him more about his life in prison. “It was hard you know. There are, they are five in a room and they suffer”, he added before asking the child to send a hug to his former fellow prisoners to “give them strength”. It also evokes the presence of rats “small like you,” he said to the little girl.

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The court of appeal of Paris ordered that the August 23 release of Booba and Kaaris and their placement under judicial supervision. They have a prohibition to leave French territory and gave each a deposit of 30 000 euros. Trial for violence, aggravated is scheduled for 6 September. They face up to seven years in prison and 100,000 euros fine.

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