When the controversy arrives on YouTube

Since the beginning of the week, the hashtag #balancetonyoutubeur became viral on Twitter. Launched after a message from the youtubeur Squeezie, it includes testimonials, screenshots, and rumors denouncing the behaviour of some of the videographers, who were abusing their fame to harass young subscribers.

In recent years, with a loyal audience and large to personalities, with several millions of subscribers, YouTube has become a breeding ground for controversy. If the examples of blunders of the most serious usually come from abroad, the French stars of the platform have sometimes experienced difficulties.

Cyprian, 2014 : the amalgam. The youtubeur French most follow-up had suffered criticism after it published a video titled “I am Romanian”, that totals more than 24 million views currently. He had been accused of making the amalgam between the Roma and crime. Cyprien Iov was launched : “The Romanians are those who come from Romania. The Roma, those who come to… you do shit”, before adding that a Roma attempted to steal his mobile phone. He had then apologised for his remarks. Four years later, it is he who has helped to denounce the harassment suffered by young subscribers on the part of videographers who are older.

Enjoy Phoenix, 2015 : revenue to be erroneous. In two months Mary Lopez, alias EnjoyPhoenix, has accumulated blunders. The first in August 2015, on his new YouTube channel, Enjoy Cooking. The young woman, 20 years old at the time, had his recipe for “chewy brownies”. Only problem : she had mistaken the Celsius and Fahrenheit… And advised his subscribers to make bake at 300 degrees, instead of 150. Result? Brownies charred and, for some, the fire alarms triggered.

A few months later, in October 2015, the youtubeuse is once again at the heart of a controversy. In his video “4 face masks home,” one of them was based cinnamon (two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of powdered cinnamon). The videographer had forgotten that cinnamon can cause severe burns when it is applied directly on the skin. Many subscribers had burned the face.

Math Podcast, 2016 : plagiarism. The young artist, 19 years old at the time, was accused of copying it word for word the contents of each other abroad, including the California Motoki. Math Podcast had attempted to justify himself on his YouTube channel, explaining that he had “no time” to produce content, because it was the bac at the time. Shortly after this episode, he tried to sell his method to become youtubeur for 97 euros. An approach widely criticized in the comments on his videos

Hugo All Alone, 2018 : the video that leaked. In January last, he had shocked his subscribers –mostly quite young – by posting without knowing a video on his account Snapchat. Accompanied by a stripper and obviously alcoholic, one sees dancing and laughing. Images that have not been laughing his followers, some of whom have denounced his behavior.

This was not the first time that the young man was at the heart of a controversy : in 2017, he had been pinned for having published a series of tweets sexist on a conversation about contraception.

Norman, 2018 : the “blackface”. Norman, more than 11 million subscribers, has always avoided controversial topics in his videos. It has also decided to make it the theme of his sketch “a minefield” in January. “Religion, ethnicity, homosexuality, feminism, political, etc… are All sensitive topics that make the Internet one of the areas most dangerous of this century.” In this film, one of the actors, Jimmy Labeeu, the face painted black, choice, criticised for its racist overtones (in the United States, we speak of “blackface”). Twitter ignited : many users have accused Norman of humour at the expense of minorities.

Abroad, for more serious matters

Marina Joyce, 2016 : the conspiracy theory. A video to the atmosphere a little strange : it does not take more to trigger a real collective psychosis around the youtubeuse british Marina Joyce.A hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce had even been launched after the release of this film on July 22, 2016, in which the artist illustrates the ideas of outfits. In the Face of the format shifted from the video, internet users had immediately developed a theory crazy, thinking that she had been kidnapped and that she had been forced to turn. “At 0:13 you can hear it say help me (help me)”, said a fan on Twitter. “You see the bruises on her arms”, launched another. The police eventually had to ensure that the young woman was well. After a month of pure madness, youtubeuse continued to try to reassure his fans… Even today, sometimes, some people are worried about it.

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Monalisa Perez, 2017 : a death for YouTube. Last year, a young woman has killed her boyfriend during the production of a YouTube video around a bet stupidly dangerous. Monalisa shot Pedro, 22 years of age, with a semi-auto then that he was using an encyclopedia as a shield. Pregnant at the time of the facts, she has been sentenced to six months in prison, with judicial review of a ten years.

Pew Die Pie, 2017 : racist and anti-semitic. He is the undisputed king of YouTube with over 65 million subscribers, a record unparalleled. But in 2017, it was near the end of the reign. He has been accused of anti-semitism : it had shown a man who said “Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong,” or would have paid men to hold a sign bearing the inscription “death to all jews”, according to a survey of “Wall Street Journal”. Disney has decided to break his contract with the videographer specialist in video games. Felix Kjellberg, his real name, has also seen his series “Scare, Pew Die Pie” stop on YouTube Red. New twist a few weeks later : a new controversy has broken out after he dropped a racist insult -“what a fucking nigger”, “what a fucking nigger”- in a video. Since then, he leads a war of 2.0 to Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul, who have criticized in their song “The Rise of The Pauls”.

Mike and Heather Martin, 2018 : child humiliated. This couple had published a number of videos showing humiliation of two of their children, forced to fight, or brought to believe that they had been adopted. Other each other featuring their children in videos of this genre have been the subject of criticism.

Logan Paul, 2018 : a macabre video. The earth trembled and shook around the young youtubeur last January. In his vlog (a contraction of video and blog), which has since been removed from his chain, he was filming a corpse in the “forest of suicides”, on the slopes of Mount Fuji, in Japan. He approached the corpse, shocked, filming the inert body over to a tree, very closely. After the démonétisation temporary of his chain, he came back more beautiful, taking on a rat, already dead with a taser. Since then, Logan Paul also made the news in the world of sport : on the 25th of August, he will face another youtubeur, KSI, during a boxing match in Manchester. The promotion of the event began several months ago and the tension mounts between the communities of the two stars of the web. Fans of KSI have not hesitated to insult the girlfriend of Logan Paul, Chloe Bennet, or hit her father in the street.

Tana Mongeau, 2018 : the convention turns into a fiasco. The VidCon is the event of the year for YouTube. Since 2010, it brings together many personalities from the web. This year, Tana Mongeau, youtubeuse to 3.5 million subscribers, did not want to go there and decided to organize his own event, the TanaCon, in June, in Anaheim, California. The promise was simple : the actress Bella Thorne or youtubeur Shane Dawson –who had been criticized in 2013 for remarks pedophiles – would be present. The price of the event? Free. The VIP pass have nevertheless been sold for 77$. Once on-site, those who had paid were in the same queue as the others. Affront : the room of the TanaCon had a capacity significantly less than the number of tickets sold. Thousands of children have had to suffer the burning sun, on the parking lot, for nothing. Fans accuse now Tana to be defrauded, and some threaten to sue.

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