When Macron evokes the “Gauls refractory”

The little phrase risk of running out of ink. As it has been pronounced abroad the occasion of a reception given on Thursday afternoon, in honor of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark on the occasion of the last stage of the State visit of Emmanuel Macron in this little scandinavian kingdom. Praising “the example extraordinarily inspiring” of the Danish model, the head of State has paid tribute to “this people, a lutheran who lived through the transformations these past decades” and, extending the chair after a slight delay, “which is not exactly the Gallic resistant to change”.

The image is close to the one that had called the candidate Macron, in our columns, in 2017 : “The “shock”, the obsession of the life-political media, is a bad idea because, unlike many countries, the French people is not a people who will reform little by little, insidiously. It is part of our DNA gauls”, he said. This interview with Paris Match contains the only occurrence of “gauls” is listed in “The Weight of words”, our database of the speech of Emmanuel Macron.

A cliché exhumed to criticize the opposition

Emmanuel Macron is not the first president to use the reference to the Gauls to speak of France. In December 2016, full primary from the right before the presidential election, Nicolas Sarkozy had himself triggered the controversy by referring to “our ancestors the Gauls”. But this Thursday afternoon, Emmanuel Macron has not given any connotation of identity about it. Using the image of the “Gauls resistant to change”, the head of the State unearths a cliché to better criticize the opposition, trade union or political, which denounce in vain for his reforms. Far from the Danish example, the cradle of a social and political democracy and the peaceful of which he dreams for France. Even if, in light of t-he in his speech, “it is not naive, and what has been possible here is related to a culture, a people marked by history”.

This is not the first time yet that Emmanuel Macron denounces blocking by France from abroad. In Greece, at the end of September 2017, he stated that he had sworn thathe never would give nothing “or lazy, or cynical”. Two weeks after, since Romania, the president had believed that “the French hated the reforms”. Which, of the act work to the reform of the SNCF, has not prevented Emmanuel Macron to drive change at an unrelenting pace.

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