Queens of anorexia (18 photos)

I know this is not funny.. but I wonder if these girls have brains…

I do not think they really have brains in their heads…

They suffer from anorexia nervosa and they are very stupid also…They are not queens of course…Anorexia nervosa is a psychiatric diagnosis, but I think you can avoid if you think about it…99% of these anorexic girls think that they are so sexy

Many of these photos are horrible, but I really hope that after you see these, if you are a woman, you will never be like them…If you are a man I really hope that you don’t like this kind of “sexy” anorexic women…

An anhorexic girl looks like this…

Queens of anorexia



Anhorexia nervosa is really very bad…

Anhorexia nervosa
Anorexia nervosa


 Anhorexia nervosa 2anorexia nervosa girls

I think this girl is a fashion model


anoreksia model
anoreksia model

anoreksia model 2


anorexia nervosa model

nerv anoreksia model




An anorexic blonde woman…



anorexic blonde woman

anorexic girl


She is on the beach…The other women are looking to that incredible skinny woman with horror on their faces…anorexic-girl-on-the-beach

anorexic girl on the beach

She has a boyfriend…I guess he likes her…anorexic-girl-with-boyfriend 2018


anorexic girl with boyfriendpic anorexic-model


anorexic model

A picture with an anorexic womananorexic-woman


anorexic woman

She looks a little crazy…crazy-anorexic-girl


crazy anorexic girl

She has a cute face…



cute anorexic girl

Horrible picture with a naked anorexic girl…cute-anorexic-girl nacednaked anorexic girl

Nice girl…ugly body…nice-anorexic-girl



nice anorexic girl

Very scary…scary-anorexic-bodyscary anorexic body

She thinks she is sexy…As I said many of them think this…

sexy anorexic girl

And a skinny girl…

skinny girl

The last pictures are with an older lady which I think it is totally crazy…Look at the pictures below and you will know what I mean…She thinks she is a sexy anorexic woman…Bad mistake! This is extreme anorexia…extreme-anorexic-woman

extreme anorexic woman

How stupid can you be to look like this? Or how sick?…photo old-lady-anorexic


old lady anorexic

Is this an anorexic leg or a “sexy” anorexic arm?…I think it is a leg…The lady smokes too…anorexic-leg

anorexic leg

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