What swimsuit choose according to its morphology ?

The holidays are here and it is time to start preparing the suitcase : beach towel, sunglasses, shorts, jeans and swimwear are often critical of our summers.

However, it is not always easy to choose the bathing suit which will emphasize her figure. Find out what swimsuit to choose to feel good at the beach.

Before selecting a swimsuit, there must first be knowledge of its morphology. You don’t even know to what morphology you belong to ? Filez quickly read the article how to determine its morphology 🙂

Find out what swimsuit to choose according to its morphology

You have a figure, X, H, or V, your morphology will be highlighted with the swimsuit that matches you. Review the different morphologies and advice jersey who depend on them.

What swimsuit choose when one has a silhouette in X or 8 ?

As a reminder, the silhouette in X is a silhouette with shoulders and hips in the same alignment with the size marked. With this silhouette, you can allow almost all types of shirts.

  • If you have a small chest, playing visually with the colors pep, prints or ruffles, fringes or frills on the top of the body. All the original features are permitted.
  • If you have a generous chest, put in value with a bikini top fit to your chest : instead of covering or reinforcement.
  • You want to hid a small belly ? Think of the panties high waist that will emphasize your size marked value 🙂

Quel maillot choisir morphologie X

What swimsuit choose when one has a silhouette in H ?

The body H has the shoulders and hips in the same alignment with a size less or not marked.

  • You have a silhouette in H and are rather androgynous ? Don’t be afraid to flesh out your silhouette with ruffles or frilly. Head over to shirts with details very feminine, to tie around the neck of preference for contrasting the side of the rectangular shape, and with a lovely low-waist bottom, it avoids in fact the model size is high for this figure.
  • You have a silhouette in H with some curves ? Adjust the top of the shirt to the size of your chest : instead of covering or reinforcement if you have a generous bust or a triangle or a bandeau if you have a smaller chest. Choose-with feminine details and avoid the shorty thinking that he camouflera small curves. On the contrary, adopt the trousers of the jersey is slightly indented and not too thin on the sides or too opaque.quel maillot choisir morphologie h

What swimsuit to choose when you have a silhouette ?

The silhouette Is distinguished by the hips wider than the shoulders, usually with a size marked.

  • The idea here is to flesh out the top to draw the eye to the top of the body. Bet on the color for the top of the body, prints, patterns or even textures.
  • To the bottom of the body, avoid the models shorts sizes or low that will not value this silhouette, and opt rather for a model that is slightly emarginate, the sides will not be too thin. Also, avoid the models to build over the hips and you knew the high waist.

quel maillot choisir morphologie A

What swimsuit choose when one has a figure in V ?

The silhouette V, the reverse of the silhouette, Has the shoulders wider than the hips.

  • For this silhouette, be sure to working quite the bottom of the body. Links to tie on the hips, model low waist, ruffles on the hips or frilly, everything is permitted. To develop the lower body, you can also wager on shorts.
  • For the upper body, choose a model one shoulders (one shoulder strap) that will value this silhouette.You can also choose a template for the plunging neckline that highlights the chest. Avoid by against the straps in the neck or headbands, and opt for thin straps.

Quel maillot choisir morphologie v

You still hesitate ? Ask me your questions in the comments and I will help you to choose the best swimsuit for you 🙂

And most importantly, don’t forget : all body types are beautiful so be happy with your body, and show it with pride on the beach this summer ❤️

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