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SHOPPING – Some of the chemical substances that make up our solar creams tradi have an impact on the ecosystem of the seas and oceans. Fortunately, there are now formulas anti-UV which respect the skin AND the environment…

The fauna and flora of the oceans are affected by many pollutants. The sunscreen is one of them. Necessarily, during peak tourism, the impact is even more important. It is as well as 8,000 metric tons of solar products are spilled every year at sea. If it is impossible to make the impasse on a optimal protection for the skin, it is possible to choose a lotion is less harmful to the marine environment. When choosing a sunscreen for the summer, we look at its index of UV protection, that it chooses according to your skin type but also of its destination vacation.

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On the other hand, we do worry that too little of its impact on the environment. However, the ecological consequences are non-negligible (bleaching coral, among others), and when we know that 20 minutes of swimming is enough to pour in the water a quarter of the cream that you spilled on the body, sobering. Some countries (Mexico, tomorrow Hawaii) even prohibit the use of sun creams on some beaches, for the well-being of the ocean.

Prefer creams mineral creams chemical

Nanoparticles, parabens, silicone… so many elements that are found in sunscreens so-called “chemical”. Having an impact on the health, they degrade as the environment. Conversely, sun cream “mineral” are free of components derived from the petrochemical industry. Often certified organic, often more expensive also, these creams are made up of at least 95 % natural ingredients. Also simple to spread and also effective than creams, “conventional” (synthetic), they are more eco-friendly, but not completely harmless, unfortunately.

Also, it is recommended to choose a sunscreen that pollutes less to the ocean, one can also make common sense. How ? Preferring, for example, expose themselves and bathe for hours “off-peak”, when the sun is less dangerous. Thus, we can automatically reduce its consumption of cream…


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