What are the parts to buy for the autumn winter 2016 ?

We are at the gates of autumn, the temperature drops and our desire to fill our wardrobe with new parts trends monte, on the contrary, in arrow 😀 (to the greatest misfortune of our portfolio).

What are the 10 trends to shopper this season to be trendy ?

 1. Leather and more leather

It has now been several seasons that the leather is in the spotlight for autumn winter. Again this year, this trend is no exception. If one wants to follow the trend until the end, we will adopt the total look leather (to be reserved only for the most daring!). If, on the contrary, we prefer to adapt the trend to our everyday style, we will build on the powerful pieces that will bring a touch of style to our outfits. In order to diversify their outfits, they also put on the suede, another trend of this season.

What to buy ? A pencil skirt in leather (a must), a leather jacket or even a leather dress. The leather goes well with most pieces in your wardrobe. However we avoid the associations as questionable (or even vulgar) leather form-fitting associated with games of transparency and high heels. With the leather, there is no need to do too much.

tendance automne hiver 2016 cuir

2. The effects of short

This season, the sleeves are unleashed ! The closet, the sleeves and classic magazines. This time, the sleeve will loosen up and it dares to eccentricity ! Bell sleeves, worked, puffed or ruffled, there will be something for all tastes. We play the game to the fullest and above all it is fun !

What to buy ? A gown or a blouse, well-cut, adapted to your morphology (see the article How to determine its morphology). It avoids the short hyper puffy if one has lots of curves and the shoulder pads if it was the middle of the case developed. It combines a beautiful, slim pants or a straight skirt to avoid the side too much.

tendance automne hiver 2016 manches

3. The velvet

Exit the image of the corduroy any child of the 90’s (and not only) was able to know. This season, velvet has the rating (without bad word game 😀 ). We forget our injuries and we rushed in on this trend ! In addition to being connected, we will be nice and warm for the cold season, which is not negligible. We said thank you to the creators who think in style and comfort 😀

What to buy ? Velvet trousers well-cut or even a dress or a jacket. Bet on beautiful basic to match your parts in velvet.You will discover here what are the basics essential to your wardrobe. You can also dare the pieces of velvet colours such as bordeaux for example.

tendance automne hiver 2016 velours

4. Naked shoulders

The cold that we are going to have to take on us and making choices : the style or the doctor. Joking aside, this season still, and to stay in the continuity of the spring/summer season, our shoulders are in the spotlight. Blouses “off-the-shoulder” (understand naked shoulders) are always on the front of the stage and are not ready to be bitten in the limelight. We keep this trend under the elbow for the fall and (if with a bit of luck the temperatures allow) for the winter.

What to buy ? Beautiful blouses, discover that our shoulders. It can be the time to bet on more colors of winter. Once again, we put on the map of basic to the bottom.

tendance automne hiver 2016 épaules dénudées

5. The collars lavalières

After having already had a small success last season, the passes lavalières remain this season, still a safe value. If we adopted the trend last season with more of chilliness, this season you coward ! We dare to large knots, and we play the game until the end.

What to buy ? Pretty blouses tie (with small or large knots depending on your desires).

tendance automne hiver 2016 lavaliere

6. The military style

If the khaki military was already present in the previous season, this time, the navy blue slides also on the front of the stage. The military look continues its road, and that they prefer the blue or khaki, there will be something for everyone.

What to buy ? A nice jacket officer pants, female, blouse, military-inspired, anything you like as long as you don’t play the total military look 🙂

tendance automne hiver 2016 militaire

7. The skirt midi

Inspiration 60s, skirt midi has everything to please us! Women with desire and knowing how to put many morphologies in value, the skirt is the midi model to adopt emergency ! The advantage of the skirt a midi is that you can clearly make you happy at the level of materials and patterns. In model lamé (shiny), leather, or patterned, the skirt midi will be able to make eyes at each style and personality. If you do not know yet what is your style, here you will find answers to find your style dress 🙂

What to buy ? Have fun with it ! Buy the model you like as for the material for the grounds. Printed, solid, or even leather, the skirt a midi is always a good purchase. Do not choose too long if you’re petite and opt rather for the length just below the knee. And once again, if you play the card of the eccentricity for the lower, stay sober at the level of the top.

tendance automne hiver 2016 jupe midi

8. The wide legged pants

This year, fashion takes to the open sea (it was too much taking into 😀 ). We dare the cuts, extra large, large pants, pants, palazzos, flared,… more it is wide, the better it is. Either we play the card of the effortless until the end (as if holding we had not asked for much effort), and we adopt the total look off. Either one says and it adopts the wide bottom and curved for the top.

What to buy ? A nice wide legged pants, high waist preferably. We focus on the basic colours if you want to avoid the foul taste.

tendance automne hiver 2016 pantalon large

9. Colors trends

Even if the black is part of the colors or timeless, this season, it leaves little by little its place in the blue. Blue is the new black.

The purple is also a colour of this season. We like or dislike, get ready to see land.

The candy pink (seen a lot on the jackets), bordeaux or green are also colors that you may very den see in the shop !

Finally, the gold and the lame are to adopt for the autumn winter season and we dare to wear them all season, not only to shine during the holidays 🙂

tendance automne hiver 2016 couleurs

10. The prints trends

The leopard will be your ally for this season, wild (wild), or in small touches, it will be trend this fall/winter. We chose it for a strong piece of the outfit, to mix with pretty basic, or small button.

The printed flower of this season looks like a vintage. A false sense of tapestry, the flowers will take the tunes of embroidery from the past to bring a touch of femininity to our outfits. Again, we put on a strong piece that tempers with simpler parts.

tendance automne hiver 2016 imprimes

You now know the major trends of this fall-winter 2016-2017. Remember that fashion is a game, to you to reflect your personality through your style !

If you have questions about your style, I answer it with pleasure comment ! 🙂

Has soon for new tips !

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