That is what complex the French in bed ? A study made the point

“What is it that prevents you from letting go sexually ?”. A question that was answered 1000 Europeans and Americans in the framework of a study*. The survey reveals that for 79% of women, the image they have of their bodies is the main reason of shyness in bed. The men, on the other hand, are 67% to be more worried about their own sexual performance.

The weight is the physical item, the more vector of shyness or embarrassment unanimously for men and women, with respectively 67% and 74%. In addition, more than half of women and men participants to the questionnaire reveal that they do not feel comfortable with their genitals. “Whether it is the size, shape, or even the smell, men and women share a shyness common on this point,” informs the study.

The sexual positions that disturb

Some sexual positions are avoided. In question, the sexual insecurity that they can generate. For both sexes, the positions in which the couple is face-to-face are two times less popular than the other. Women are 40% and men 25 % to give up the 69 for reasons of discomfort. A man about 4 and 20% of women avoid the love in the standing position.

The study, finally, has sought to understand if these complexes were justified. Only 19% of men and 8% of women say they are concerned or embarrassed by the body of their partner. In addition, 35% of men and 29% of women would be concerned about the sexual performance of their spouse.

* study conducted by Zava is a platform for teleconsultation. Online Questionnaire responded by 2018 by 1061 people (47% of Europeans, 51% of Americans) who have had at least one sexual partner.

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