Who killed Robert, the star of the high school, 20 years ago ?

He has vowed to live up to her memory until justice is done. Marc Joyal-Myers was 11 years old when his brother Robert was killed one night in April of 1998. Since then, not a day goes by that he does not think of him and he devotes all his energy to advance the investigation of this crime today classified. Thanks to his persuasiveness, he was able to convince Sheryl McCollum, specializing in “cold boxes” to revive the research. “You hear a little brother tell his story, mark,” she explained Monday at the american site CrimeOnline. With her team, she will attempt to shed light on this mysterious death.

This is the April 4, 1998 Robert Joyal is killed. The day before, the teenager left his family home in Gorham to install only to Portland. Since he and his family have relocated from Houston in this small town in Maine, the young man, footballer and talented star of his high school, is struggling to acclimate. Then he had the hope of going to University, he explained one day to his parents not very well know what he wants to do with his life after obtaining his bac. Five months after his arrival in Maine, he chooses to leave to live only a few miles away. He is packing his bags on April 3, and said goodbye to his loved ones. His bags still in his car, he decides to go celebrate the event with friends. All come in a nightclub to party. Here, a first contention – probably because of a girl – bursts. Robert and his comrades decide to leave the place and go to Denny’s, a restaurant frequented by high-school students and students of the region.

On the parking lot of the facility, they are expected by a group of young men, some Shou Srey, 15-year-old, one of those with whom Robert had a fight in the nightclub. If Shou Srey is younger than the other, there are whispers that it would be very close to a local gang. But it is Kevin Janosco, a member of this gang, 18-year-old, who hit Robert on the first before several boys throw themselves at him. One of them hides the face of Robert with his t-shirt and stabs him repeatedly in the back. At this time, at least 50 people on the premises and watch the scene. However, none of these witnesses do speak to the police. “They were dozens on this car. And miraculously, no one saw what happened” late last April, Marc Joyal-Myers, interviewed by the “Press Herald“. For the 20 years of the death of his big brother, he launched an appeal : “We hope that after all these years, someone who was there, has finally had an awakening. Perhaps they will say that it is time to stop lying. I can’t imagine the weight that lies for years on their shoulders.”

“What happened ? Why has he been targeted ?”

From the beginning of the investigation, the police think Robert is part of a gang and was a victim of a war between rival gangs. A track unthinkable for his parents, who recall how their son was a serious boy and loved by all. At the time, the investigators interview 60 people among them a primary suspect stands out. Shou Srey, the teenager of 15 years. Soon after the murder of Robert, a young girl of the same age said to the police that Srey has entrusted to him stabbing someone in the back after he has uttered racial slurs against him and his friends. Shou Srey is arrested and spends two years in prison before the charges were eventually dropped due to lack of evidence against him. For the family of Robert, there is no doubt that Shou Srey has played a role in the death of the teenager. But was he the only responsible ? According to them, this young boy arrived in Cambodia dreamed of integrating a gang since his 11 years. “It is possible that he was asked to commit this murder. But what’s even more likely is that he was made to wear the hat”, said Faith Joyal, the mother of the victim in April last. Shou Srey was killed in 2007 to 25 years to a dark history of money and drugs.

Now, Sheryl McCollum hopes that new witnesses will finally hear. But the interviewer also has the progress of technology, a machine that allows to retrieve traces of DNA not easily detected. The weapons found at the time on parking as well as clothes will, therefore, be re-analyzed. “Even if he is not physically there, the presence of Robert is still with our family. We can’t decorate the Christmas tree without thinking of him trying to tease us or to sing songs. And you can’t help but to comfort someone who is not well, because Rob was like that. He did everything to bring lightness to others. This is not difficult to think of him as a Superman sometimes,” says his brother CrimeOnline. “What happened ? Why has he been targeted ? What the problem was and who did it ?”, wondered his mother last April.

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