Who is Jimmy Bennett, the actor who has Asia Argento sexual assault?

His playing partners had nicknamed “Jimmy Two-Jacks”. A flattering nickname for the young actor, who gave the reply to Harrison Ford (“Firewall”, 2006) and Bruce Willis (“Hostage”, 2005) : Jimmy Bennett needed only two takes to shoot a scene. Born in 1996, the actor has also featured in the poster for a film directed by Asia Argento in 2004, The “Book of Jeremiah”. The actress was a prostitute addicted to drugs, the mother of the character played by Jimmy Bennett, she worked as a sex worker after having it disguised as a girl.

Asia Argento and Jimmy Bennett , who had stayed close after this shoot, maintaining a sort of mother-son relationship, even on social networks. Years later, in 2013, while Jimmy Bennett had turned 17 years old two months earlier, the actor -then aged 37 – would have abused him. According to the “New York Times“, Asia Argento has agreed to pay 380 000 $ Jimmy Bennett, shortly after the wave of revelations about the behavior of the producer Harvey Weinstein, whom she had helped to initiate.

Trauma is sustainable, according to the actor

Jimmy Bennett, also a musician, has indicated through his lawyer that he would continue to “do what he done in recent years, focus on the music”. In the documents consulted by the “Times”, the young man argues that the trauma of the alleged assault would have been prevented from working since 2013. Then that he had won 2.7 million dollars between 2008 and 2013, its revenues were then fallen to $ 60,000 per year, according to his lawyer, in a letter sent to the lawyer of Asia Argento in November 2017, a month after the revelations of Asia Argento on Harvey Weinstein. Jimmy Bennett had played in “Star Trek” in 2009.

In October 2014, Jimmy Bennett had commenced proceedings against his mother and step-father, believing that his parents had stolen a part of the money earned in the many films and television series to which he contributed. According to the “New York Times”, an arrangement has been reached between the two parties.

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