That was Oksana Chatchko, 31-year-old co-founder of Femen, who committed suicide in Paris ?

“Oksana was found yesterday in Paris at his apartment. She committed suicide.” It is with these words that Inna Shevchenko, leader of Femen, has announced the death of the ex-member and co-founder of the feminist movement Oksana Chatchko this Tuesday, July 24. The activist Ukrainian was 31 years of age.

Anna Goutsol, another co-founder of the movement, has taken advantage of tweezers in order to discuss the causes of the death of the young woman. “The most courageous (…) Oksana Chatchko has left us”, she wrote on his page Facebook in the morning. With his relatives and family, we are grieving and we are waiting for the official version of the police. For the moment, what we do know is that the body of Oksana was found in his apartment in Paris. According to her friends, she has left a suicide note.”

Born January 31, 1987 in Khmelnytskyi, Oksana Chatchko had co-founded the Femen movement in April 2008. In August 2009, she shows off her chest during a protest in Kiev, so inspiring to the group the method that will be known throughout the world, taken up by feminist activists from many countries. It is largely to it that Femen have their DNA. Main figure of the movement, Oksana Chatchko multiplies actions in Ukraine and then in France, where she lives with the status of a political refugee since 2013.

Oksana Chatchko was not only known for its activism : the young woman who, at 13 years old, wanted to become a nun, was also a painter and used his works to express messages of feminist, humanist or political various distracting icons. In 2016, France 3 had dedicated a story to the occasion of an exhibition at the chapelle Saint-Sylvie, bevelling on his new life as an artist. “I still believe in my beliefs, but I have chosen other means to act, to explain my ideas as these paintings that are not on my tits”she said so with humor.

On social networks, the movement of Femen, she had left a few years ago, paid tribute to “one of the women the most remarkable of our time, one of the greatest fighters have fought hard against the injustices she has faced, against the injustices of our society. She is set for herself and for all women around the world.”

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