Who are the actresses better paid of the world in 2018?

Scarlett Johansson makes a deafening entry in the ranking of the actresses better paid of the world of magazine “Forbes“. While she did not in 2017, she takes the head in 2018. Its revenues, calculated between the 1er June 2017 and the 1er June 2018, are estimated at 40.5 million (before taxes). The actress, who has to his income in the majority in the blockbuster “Avengers : Infinity War”, succeeded so Emma Stone (who has not exceeded 10 million in 2018 and is not included in the ranking). If she won (far) more than his colleagues, Scarlett Johansson is also largely paid less than men. In 2017, Mark Walhberg, ranked “Forbes”, had won 68 million dollars. The actress of “the Avengers” has earned less than Tom Cruise, seventh in the top 10.

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In the second place of the ranking of the actresses better paid in 2018, there is Angelina Jolie, with $ 28 million. The ex-wife of Brad Pitt ahead of the other ex-actor, Jennifer Aniston, who is once again on the podium, with $ 19.5 million of revenue (up from 25.5 million in 2017). In the rest of the ranking, we find the same actors in 2017 : Mila Kunis, Cate Blanchett, Melissa McCarthy or Julia Roberts. Note : the absence of Amy Adams, Emma Watson and Charlize Theron, and the entry to the ranking of Reese Witherspoon.

Parity men and women

In total, the combined revenues of the ten actresses the best paid account for $ 186 million. A vast sum, but it is still far from that amassed by the men. In 2017, the trio of top-ranked players in the best paid exceeded one of the $ 180 million, led by Mark Walhberg, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, and the ten men of the highest paid saved 488,5 million. Hollywood has, therefore, still a long way to go to achieve parity between men and women. Knowing that actresses have less opportunities : the roles women represent 28.7% of the main characters of the films according to a study carried out in 2016.

The ranking of the ten actresses the best paid in 2018

1) Scarlett Johansson – the $ 40.5 million of dollars
2) Angelina Jolie – $ 28 million
3) Jennifer Aniston – $ 19.5 million
4) Jennifer Lawrence – $ 18 million
5) Reese Witherspoon – $ 16.5 million
6) Mila Kunis – $ 16 million
7) Julia Roberts – $ 13 million
8) Cate Blanchett – $ 12.5 million
9) Melissa McCarthy – $ 12 million
10) Gal Gadot – $ 10 million

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