What to buy during the sales ?

The month of June arrives slowly to its end and the actions shopping is already mushrooming : sidewalk sales, private sale, combined sales and other sales of any kind, who remind us that the balances are approaching dangerously!

And, what better way to succeed the sales that have already started to prepare for it ? Do all the rounds of purchases to make for the balances to avoid disappointment, and follow my tips for balances successful !

How to prepare for the sales ?

Before talking about what to buy during the sales, let us pause a moment on the way to prepare the balances in the store (or the internet). Before thinking complete his dressing room of his new finds, there are 3 points to adhere to for successful sales.

1. A view of the whole of his dressing room

Before you buy new parts in balance, make sure you know exactly what you have in your dressing room. How much do you have skirts, trousers, high-heeled shoes,… to avoid duplication and unnecessary purchases. If you have the courage, we took the opportunity even to make a sort of her wardrobe. This thus leaves room for future new acquisitions, and we may be used to replace parts, old-fashioned or damaged by new.

2. To spotting, and prepare a shopping list for the balances

In order not to be tempted by everything and anything (mostly anything), I advise you to establish a list to follow. In order to achieve your famous shopping list for the balances, it will be useful, therefore, for you to do the tracking, either online or in-store, this will allow you to save time on the day.

3. Set yourself a budget to stick to

You tend to indulge during the sales and to falter before the last good deal ? Start by buying the purchases on your list, and, if your budget allows it, why not crack on the piece favorite unexpected 🙂

What to buy during the sales ?

The trap of balances, is to be forced to buy anything because it was supposedly a good deal. So what are the purchases to make during the sales or what to buy during the sales ?

1. Rely on his list to succeed with your purchases, balance

Based on its “coups de coeur” of the year that it was not specifically able to offer full price or a part that is missing in our dressing room. It relies on its list, not to disperse and to be sure(e) not to be tempted by unnecessary purchases. We can all still leave a joker for a piece of heart stroke unexpected, this is gift 😀

2. The good basics to buy on sale

The basic are these parts you need to create our outfits. It is mary, for example, a basic one-piece higher to avoid too much. The basic, so these are the parts that are going to last in time and that never go out of style not. It is, therefore, to buy quality. I give you here an overview of the basic to have in his dressing room.We take advantage of the balances to buy a basic on which one can count several seasons.

3. Use her budget for the purchase of balances for parts of a trademark or a larger budget

The balances at H&M or Zara, it is, but if you really want to make good business, it is to the brands that you will turn. There you will find quality clothing (be careful that clothing brand does not want to say high-quality clothes in a systematic way), with beautiful finishes, and your budget may not allow you during the year. It is the opportunity to buy beautiful pieces at a lower cost.

4. Buy on sale leather goods and accessories

I do not say it enough, these are the accessories that make the difference in an outfit. A nice handbag or a beautiful clutch can be a purchase to make at balances. Take the opportunity to buy a accessories that will be useful throughout the season confused, for example.

A beautiful pair of shoes can also be a purchase helpful to the balances. Sorting your wardrobe, you realize that you lack a pair of sandal in nude for the summer or that your pair of favorite starts to hurt ? This is an opportunity to correct them!

5. Beware false bargains when balances

Even if this t-shirt does not cost “only” 5€ or this pretty dress is ended up to 70%, this does not mean specifically that it is a good deal ! If it is a piece that will stay in your dressing room, it will cost still too expensive. It is idle, therefore, to have a good look at the quality of the garment and at its finish: the material will crumple quickly, is that the seams are well made, the clothing is in good condition, the material is not too fine,… are all questions to ask yourself before making the acquisition of a new piece. If the garment is not in its size (too small or too large), we forget also. It is a bad purchase which will remain in your closet.
Finally, in order to know if you make a good purchase, think of 3 different outfits that you can wear the piece in question. You don’t find that one ? It is that it is definitely a bad purchase.

6. Think of shopping online to make your purchases at balances

Most Web sites offer the possibility of carrying out wishlist that you can prepare in advance to save time the day of the launch of the balances. You also avoid the crush of the first few days of being laid(e) quietly at home with a good glass of wine with lemonade. This also helps you manage your budget more easily and is less tempted by items not on your shopping list.

The tip in addition ? If you hesitate between two sizes, order 2! Of course, this requires a little bit of money saved, but it will be without regret if the piece on which you cast your vest is out of stock. Be sure to check that you can send it back without costs, items that do not fit.

Therefore we choose the online shopping if you want to avoid this kind of situation 😀

Last advice for the day balances

  • Don’t forget to have your shopping list (and your budget 😇) in head.
  • Make a list of stores that match your style and your budget.
  • Wear clothing and comfortable shoes in which you’ll be comfortable to move all day.
  • Also remember to choose an outfit easy to remove and put back to the fittings in the cabins.
  • And most of all… have fun, the balances are held only 2 times a year! 😀

And you, what are you going to buy during the sales ?

Has soon for new tips,

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