Redemption of the Fox : Comcast throws in the towel and leaves the field free to the Disney

This is a fight that had lasted for several months and just finish ! Indeed, ComCast, the largest cable operator in america who owns among other things NBC, MSNBC or CNBC, announced on Thursday that it would not bid on the assets of 21st Century Fox. A decision that left the field free for Disney.

ComCast throws in the towel

Actually, ComCast has decided to withdraw from the auction on the assets of 21st Century Fox is the face of Disney had already put 71,3 billion dollars on the table. In a press release, Brian Roberts, the CEO of the firm was held to congratulate Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, and also the Murdoch family and the Fox that “we havecreated a company if attractive and respected“. But, if the cable operator abandons this project, ComCast will continue to focus on the takeover of the british operator Sky.

Disney big winner ?

With the removal of ComCast, this leaves the field open to Disney who wants to diversify and increase its catalogue of content in the media and entertainment. A will logical in the face of giants such as Netflix, Google, Amazon or Apple, which have the advantage to know perfectly the tastes and habits of their users because of the data they collect.

Thus, to be able to do the weight in front of these groups, the actors of the telecom and media, have decided to unite to expand their program offerings. This is why Disney will most certainly get hands-on with the studio of Century Fox, but also on National Geographic channel and Fox, meanwhile, will participate in the streaming service Hulu. On the other hand, the empire of Mickey will not put the hand on the chain and Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the agency dow jones.

The cinema has changed in a few decades, and there are many criticisms against it. is therefore launching a debate to find out what you think.

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