Racing driver Jenson Button’s fiancée cradles her baby bump after taking off all her a-tyre

JENSON Button’s pregnant fiancée Brittny Ward cradles her baby bump after taking off all a-tyre.

The Playboy model, 28, also pictured in her native California with the ex-Formula One ace, 39, right, is expecting their first child this summer.

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Brittny Ward has shared a picture of her cradling her baby bump and wrote on social media that the baby ‘couldn’t wait for the wedding”[/caption]

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Jenson Button has been dating Brittny since 2016 after Jenson’s one year marriage to Japanese model Jessica Michibata[/caption]

She announced a son on social media, writing: “Baby couldn’t wait for the wedding, he’s decided to make an early appearance.”

The pair have been dating since 2016 after Jenson’s on- year marriage to the Japanese model Jessica Michibata ended in 2015.

Brittny was born and raised in California, starting in Sacramento before moving to Los Angeles.

No doubt it’ll be cute as a Button.

Brittny first appeared in Playboy as Miss January in 2015 as part of a ten-page spread

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Jenson Button got engaged to his model partner in June[/caption]

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The pair are excited for the future and little baby Button[/caption]



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