RAF ready to launch fresh air strikes in Afghanistan after Dominic Raab vowed to use ‘all means necessary’ against ISIS

THE RAF is prepared to hit ISIS targets in Afghanistan in the wake of rocket attacks carried out by the terror group, its chief has said.

Sir Mike Wigton was speaking after Dominic Raab said the UK will use “all means necessary’ to combat the threat posed by the jihadists.


RAF jets could be called into action in Afghanistan[/caption]


Dominic Raab has pledged to hit back at ISIS[/caption]

A branch of the terror group based in Afghanistan known as ISIS-K claimed responsibility for the suicide bomb at Kabul airport that killed 170 Afghans and 13 US troops.

But even as the US finally withdrew after 20 years, attention has already turned to dealing with the terror group who its feared could use Taliban-controlled Afghanistan to plot attacks on the UK.

Air Chief Marshall Wigton told the Telegraph that “ultimately, what this boils down to is that we’ve got to be able to play a global role in the global coalition to defeat Daesh”.

Daesh is a derogatory term in Arabic for ISIS and is often used by their opponents when referring to them.

He added that could be “whether it’s strike or whether it’s moving troops or equipment into a particular country at scale and at speed.”

“If there’s an opportunity for us to contribute, I am in no doubt that we will be ready to,” he said.

“That will be anywhere where violent extremism raises its head and is a direct or indirect threat to the UK and our allies.

“Afghanistan is probably one of the most inaccessible parts of the world, and we’re able to operate there.”

Government officials are understood already begun looking at the logistics for any possible strikes, including where RAF planes would be based.

Mr Raab signed a joint statement issued by the US-led coalition that previously targeted ISIS in Syria and Iraq vowing to crush the terrorists.

“The UK stands united with our coalition partners in mourning those killed by Daesh’s horrific attack at Kabul airport and in our unwavering collective resolve to combat Daesh networks by all means available, wherever they operate,” he said.

US forces have reportedly taken out several terrorist threats in the days since the attack.


As they forces prepared to withdraw as many as six rockets fired at the Kabul airport were intercepted by US anti-missile system.

On Sunday, a US drone strike blew up a vehicle that was reportedly carrying multiple suicide bombers in Kabul.

A car that was carrying several militants and “packed with explosives” was hit.

Family members say 10 people, including seven children, were killed in the drone strike,

A strike carried out after the Thursday attack reportedly killed another ISIS-K facilitator and planner.


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