Rapper FBG Duck dropped diss track ‘Dead B***hes’ slating slain gang rivals weeks before he was killed in Chicago

A RAPPER who was fatally gunned down in a drive-by attack dropped a single called “Dead B**ches” taunting his gang rivals just weeks before he was killed.

FBG Duck – whose birth name is Carlton D. Weekly – was shot dead when four men jumped out of two cars and opened fire while he was standing outside a store in Chicago on Tuesday afternoon.

FBG Duck, a father-of-four, was killed on Tuesday

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the rising hip-hop artist died after he was shot in broad daylight in the city’s Gold Coast neighborhood.

There is speculation the shooting may have been gang-related. Just three weeks ago, FBG Duck released his latest track, ‘Dead B**ches’ in which he named several gang rivals who had been killed.

“Said I wasn’t gon’ diss the dead and okay, I did it,” the lyrics go.
“But n****, f*** T-Roy and Odee (F*** ’em), them dead b**ches.
“Y’all heard about J-Money?
“N***as gettin’ dead the same way.”

T-Roy, Odee, J-Money and Lil Boo were all members of the Black Disciples gang who were each killed in separate incidents.

“I know you heard about Lil Boo,” the lyrics continue.
“They left his s*** by a tire.
“Bullets was hittin’ him, he was singin’ like Mariah.
“Yeah, you heard about Sheroid (Huh, huh).”

One week after dropping the track, FBG posted a video where he lamented gang members who shot rivals while they were with their children.

“I’ve got four kids…three boys and one girl

“And if I catch a n**** with his daughter I’m going to give him a pass because that’s the heart of me.

“Cos I don’t want them to take me in front of my kids.

“But you need to still stop getting these guns and doing all this extra s*** that ya’ll doing because you all ain’t doing it right…ya’ll not even hitting your target.”

Following FBG’s death, rival rapper and Black Disciples member 600 Breezy dropped a track titled “Stop Playing”. The lyrics “the n***** dead on that f***** block…this song’s gonna’ get you shot…next time your b**** a** is in the box”.

600 Breezy then posted messages from supporters who referred to him as a “fortune teller” with a “crystal ball”.


The 26-year-old is dead after being shot in a drive-by shooting on Tuesday[/caption]

FBG Duck was pronounced dead at a local hospital after being gunned down in broad daylight

Law enforcement confirmed to The Sun that three individuals were hit while shopping at 4:30pm on Tuesday after two vehicles pulled up with armed gunmen. 

Authorities added that four people got out of the cars and opened fire – hitting three others.

FBG Duck was pronounced dead after being taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for multiple gunshot wounds to the torso.

Shocking video has circulated online that allegedly shows FBG Duck on the ground moments after he was shot.

In the heartbreaking video, a man in a blue tracksuit – believed to be FBG – is seen struggling face down on the pavement.


No suspects have been taken into custody after law enforcement said they fled the scene[/caption]

A woman stood near him as she screamed on the phone, seemingly trying to get help.

In a graphic separate clip taken by a passerby on a bike, the same man is seen laying in a pool of blood on the ground.

The hard-to-watch footage shows the man presumed to be FBG Duck moving around slowly as cops wait for medical help to arrive.

Some of the officers present on the scene attended to the wounded individuals in the clips but many social media users have criticized police for not doing enough to help.


No suspects have been taken into custody immediately following the rapper’s death[/caption]


Friends of the Chicago music star mourned his alleged death on social media[/caption]

An eye-witness who took the video claimed the person on the ground was the rapper.

“I’m just riding my bike. F**k man. They shot FBG Duck man. I don’t know who shot him I just f***king ran into this,” the passerby frantically said.

Another man who was also injured remained beside him on the ground.

Chicago PD said a 26-year-old woman and 36-year-old man were taken to nearby hospitals and are in serious condition after also being shot. 


Gun violence in Chicago has skyrocketed this month compared to this time last year[/caption]

A black Ford Taurus and silver Chrysler fled the scene and no suspects have been taken into custody, officials said.

Chicago has seen murder rates skyrocket by 152 percent in the past four weeks compared to this time last year.

According to data from Chicago PD, there has also been a 62 percent increase of shootings in the gang-ridden city from this month in 2019.

Former Chicago mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green tweeted about the violent act in his hometown: “Popular rapper FBG Duck has just been pronounced dead after being shot in the Gold Coast an hour ago. 


The Chicago hip-hop artist was most known for his 2018 single Slide[/caption]

Former Chicago mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green tweeted about FBG Duck’s death

“Prayers up for his family, bring justice to them after this senseless act.”

The civil rights activist slammed law enforcement’s response to the shooting, as seen in the video clips circulating online.

He wrote on Twitter: “Police neglected to offer basic medical aid to FBG Duck and I’m sure their excuse is going to be “Covid.”

“He laid there needing help and it took way too long for him to get help. How many black men and women die because of time everyday after being shot? SICKENING!”


FBG gained notoriety in the Chicago Southside rap scene [/caption]

FBG Duck was born and raised in Chicago’s Southside neighborhood and started his career as a teen in rap group the Fly Boy Gang.

He was best known for his 2018 single Slide, and also famously got into a social media feud with controversial “snitch” rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine after trading online threats to one another.

In December 2019, FBG released a track dedicated to several fellow rappers who have been killed from gun violence. 

Nine months before his tragic death, the artist rapped about Lil Mister – who was shot and killed in Chicago on March 15, 2019.


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