Rare tiger dies after being mauled in fight with two others at Longleat safari park in second such UK death in days

A TIGER has died in a fight with two others at a safari park — the second such UK death in days.

The latest at Longleat follows the London Zoo mauling of a female by a male.

Shouri, the Siberian tiger killed in an attack by a breeding pair at Longleat Safari Park

Staff at the Wiltshire park are “extremely distraught” after rare Siberian tiger Shouri, 13, was killed when she got into a separate pen holding a breeding pair.

A statement said: “During the process of moving the tigers between the various outdoor paddocks, a door connecting two areas was opened which meant Shouri was able to gain access to the same outdoor area as Red and Yana.

As a result, a fight ensued between the three.

“A full investigation is ongoing to determine the exact circumstances surrounding this terribly sad event.”

The park was not open at the time of Monday’s incident and the other two Siberian tigers were not injured.

There are only around 500 of the endangered species in the wild in Siberia.

In Friday’s tragedy, a Sumatran tiger was killed by her potential male mate when introduced at the London attraction.


Shouri and her sister Soundari playfighting at Longleat before the fatal attack[/caption]

SWNS:South West News Service

A pair of Siberian tigers at Longleat, where an investigation is ongoing into the death of the rare tiger Shouri[/caption]


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