Reach for the stars Are they leotards or one-pieces? (33 Photos)

St . Paddy’s day actually a sacred time of year. It’s that one great day where we get to spend a long time with friends consuming copious amounts of tasty cold beverages huddled as much as our favorite pub.

…alright, so that’s basically like every most other day. It’s the traditions that produce the holiday really epic; the drinks cleverly dyed green along with the waters, and the hair, and the skin that’s been painted. Let’s not forget the St Patricks Day tshirts !

Pretty much everything is fucking green.

Of course , we’re not complaining. Green coloured is our thing here at any chive, which makes it more our holiday getaway than anyone else’s but we’ll gladly provide the gear to celebrate.

Honestly, no one needs another reason to drink. We’re gonna do it no matter what, and we’re gonna look good time we’re doing it. This time of year, Chive Region is gathering with to get shit faced and make plenty of epic memories.

There may probably be boobs involved, and a head of a bad decisions, but in particular when it comes time to find your clothes it’ll wind up as super easy to find yours.

AND, if you’re one of the few who get to keep your clothes on for the duration of the holiday you can stand upon the lump of fallen comrades who could not hang. From your position as king, or queen, you can raise your whole black and green KCCO flag along with claim victory.

The one more St Paddy’s down, which translates to mean it’s time to start prepping to next year. Now is the time to order your individual St Patrick’s day apparel.

Because there’s no way here in hell you’ll be the only one struggle to wearing green, and you’ll make the smack down on anyone heading at you with pinches.

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