Real Housewives of Nashville is NOT in the works at Bravo as rumors swirl ‘show’ will star Jana Kramer & Brittany Aldean

A Real Housewives Of Nashville show is NOT in the works as rumors swirl it will be the latest Bravo spinoff, The Sun can exclusively reveal. 

Online speculation spread news the Tennessee franchise will star One Tree Hill actress Jana Kramer and Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, along with their close friend group. 


Jana Kramer sparked rumors she will be on Real Housewives Of Nashville this week[/caption]


Bravo confirmed Real Housewives Of Nashville will NOT be airing on their network[/caption]

However, a source close to Bravo confirmed to The Sun that this show will NOT be part of their network. 

Though RHON is not happening, it does appear a Housewives-style reality show is in production down in Nashville. 

In addition to Brittany, 32, and Jana, 37, other cast members rumored to be part of the series include Jason Aldean’s sister, Kasi.

Kasi Rosa Wicks is married to musician Chuck Wicks who has long played in her brother, Jason’s, band. 

Alexis Allen, who is the wife of country star Jimmie Allen and Sabina Rich – who’s hitched to singer Tyler Rich – are also allegedly part of the cast. 


Jana has gone from actress to country singer during her career[/caption]


The One Tree Hill alum has been married to Mike Caussin since 2015[/caption]


Country superstar Jason Aldean married Brittany Kerr in 2015[/caption]

It remains unclear where the show will be airing – or even if it will officially get picked up for TV.

Many fans have predicted CMT will be home to the series after producing a number of similar reality programs over the years.  

There are also rumors of a show titled Married To Country will be airing on E! in the near future – though the show title may end up changing.

Over the weekend, Jana fueled rumors of filming a reality show when she posted an Instagram with her son, Jace, 2, in what appeared to be a confessional. 

“About today….any guesses?!” She asked in the caption. 

Hundreds of her followers commented with guesses of a reality show and specifically, a Housewives spinoff, but the singer and actress did not respond to her replies. 


Musician Chuck Wicks and their Nashville friend group are allegedly attached to the show[/caption]


Country singer Jimmie Allen’s wife is rumored to be part of the show[/caption]


The rumored cast spent a time together over the weekend with a camera crew[/caption]

The alleged cast has also been spending a lot of time together in recent weeks. 

On Sunday, the large group gathered – without a single face mask – to celebrate Chuck and Kasi’s new baby boy. 

The friends posed for a photo out on the farm and were later seen enjoying a night out inside a bar. 

As the Nashville residents filmed themselves having a good time, a camera crew was spotted in the background. 


Brittany Aldean is reported to be star of a new Nashville-centered reality show[/caption]


Jason Aldean’s wife and their friend group are reportedly filming a reality show[/caption]


Jason Aldean’s sister, Kasi, is also rumored to be part of the cast[/caption]

Rumors of a spinoff in Nashville have been swirling for years, with Bravo boss Andy Cohen saying in 2018 the country music hub would be his choice for a new show.

“It’s a great city and it has its own identity. And there’s a lot of super rich people and country superstars and music. It’s a great town,” he said at the time. 

However, fans have been more divided and many are not sold, with one writing this week: “They don’t need a show with celebrities or wives of celebrities. The best HWs are those who were unknown to audiences.”


Brittany is said to be joined by Dee Jay Silver’s wife as well as her sister-in-law[/caption]

“I know that’s what people say on here, and I tend to agree with celebrities-but I think wives of celebrities are actually perfect for casting. Look at Camille,” added another.

“Brittany Aldean is the worst- but would probably make great reality tv and I hate to admit it,” a third wrote on Reddit.

“I desperately want a Real Housewives of Nashville, but not with the women being celebs,” one more claimed. 


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