Rebel Wilson’s Pooch Perfect show slammed for ‘animal abuse’ as dog groomers dye pups’ fur & dress them in costumes

REBEL Wilson’s new ABC series, Pooch Perfect, is being slammed for “animal abuse” after showing dogs being “dressed up” and having their fur dyed.

The eight-episode series is a dog grooming reality competition show that premiered on Tuesday.


Rebel Wilson’s new show Pooch Perfect is being slammed for ‘animal abuse’[/caption]

One Twitter user wrote: “You can’t convince me dogs like being poked, cut, bejeweled, and dressed up like this.”

Another said: “It hurts my heart. I have many questions, but overall it boils down to, how unhappy are those poor dogs going thru all that makeover stuff?!”

A third wrote: “Anybody else think this is kinda animal abuse? I’m uncomfortable.”


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