Recipe of the laundry house at the ivy : easy, free, and very effective !

While this plant offers a beautiful variety of foliage and remain green throughout the year, many are those who do not like ivy, but the plant is lucky the sign of the Virgin. Well, first of all its berries are toxic. Invasive, this plant is a climbing colonizes everything. So, you can find it everywhere ! This is actually the good news : the ivy contains the saponin, the active principle of soap. To extract it, you just need a good broth and the deal is done. Demonstration.

The ingredients to make his laundry in ivy

100g of leaves of ivy, the equivalent of a good bowl
1l of filtered water…
and that’s all !

How do his laundry at the ivy house

With a pruning shears or scissors, cut two to three branches of ivy. The simplest is to wash the leaves on the branch with a water jet. If this is not possible, then detach the leaves from the branches by pulling in the opposite direction of the shoot. Then run them under tap water and gently rubbing. Unnecessary to dry them. Remains to cut the leaves in order to extract more saponin. You can work with a big knife and a cutting board or in a faster, place in the bowl of your robot fitted with a cutting blade. But be careful not to make mush. A few rounds are enough. Then place the leaves in a large saucepan, and pour over 1 litre of filtered water. Bring to the boil and turn down the fire to boil gently for preparation 15 minutes. Do not cover to retain a nice green color. Once the decoction is ready, cover and leave to infuse overnight. The next day, it only remains to filter by pouring your lye in a bottle. Your lye ivy keeps for a month, and is used as a laundry traditional : a small glass in the tray of your washing machine.

You can perfume your laundry with the ivy adding a dozen drops of essential oils. Lavender or lavandin, orange, grapefruit, lemon… Choose according to your taste. The essential oils will keep longer your lye ivy that, even if a few repositories are being created, and remains very effective.

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