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Ingredients recipes chips dishwasher :

To make your own dishwasher tablets dishwasher powder:
you will need mainly these 3 ingredients :
– bicarbonate of soda
– white vinegar
– citric acid

– accessories : 1 bowl + 1 spoon + 1 ice tray + gloves
Why these ingredients :
– because baking soda has a strong degreaser, cleaner, deodorizer, its virtues are naturally effective for cleaning and degreasing in depth. It also avoids the proliferation of bacteria and softens the water (PH).
– because the citric acid : softens hard water, détartre by erasing the traces of limestone and has powerful virtues anti-microbial.
– because the white vinegar : is a natural product with disinfectant properties, odor-eliminating, anti-bacterial and degreasing, it also deletes traces of limestone.
Note : you can also add (not mandatory) a few drops of lemon essential oil, which will increase the effectiveness of your tablets with its antibacterial properties and in addition, they feel very good to use.

Ces produits d'entretien faits maison sont absolument géniaux

Ces produits d'entretien faits maison sont absolument géniaux 😍💧

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Home recipes chips dishwasher :

There are several homemade recipes to make your own pellets, with variations more or less developed where you can add coarse salt to the corrosive power, soda crystals natural powers degreasing agents, essential oils to scent and disinfect. Here are the 2 recipes that stand out and are perfectly effective for your dishwasher.
Once you have all the ingredients, the recipes are easy to make, however remember to put on gloves to protect you from these products that may be natural, but abrasive to the skin. Be sure to follow the drying time, the more your pellets will dry the better it will be for you to use.


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