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To kick off the National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM), the New Jersey Department of Health today announces the winners of New Jersey Hot Shots for the Tots Immunization Campaign Pilot.

National Immunization Month serves as a reminder to parents about the importance of getting their children vaccinated to protect against diseases, says health commissioner Dr. Shereef Elnahal. “Children will return to school in a few weeks, so parents and caregivers should ensure that their children’s vaccinations are up to date.”

The Commissioner said that childcare is particularly vulnerable to outbreaks of infectious diseases. “Children in these settings can easily spread diseases due to poor handwashing, do not cover their cough and sneeze and other factors such as interacting in crowded environments,” said Dr. Elnahal. “This campaign encourages cooperation with our immunization partners to reduce vaccine-related diseases among children.”

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The Hot Shots campaign is a voluntary incentive program that uses a scoring system to encourage childcare facilities to promote best practices and improve immunization coverage. In its first year, the campaign was launched in Monmouth County. Each winner will receive a certificate from the department to confirm his work on this important issue.

Participating facilities selected from predetermined immunization-related activities to earn points to reach one of the three price levels: Gold, Silver or Bronze. The predetermined activities were included in an annual immunization workshop, which participated in the New Jersey Immunization Information System (NJIIS), and provided information to parents about child immunizations.

Gold Awardees: Cambridge Park Preschool, The Goddard School of Hazlet, Holmdel Preschool, Lincroft Center for Children, Little People At Work Inc., Little Tree Preschool, Meridian Early Childhood Education Center, Monmouth Daycare, Red Bank Preschool, St. Ann Barnomsorg

Silver Awardees: Eatontown Community Center, Farmingdale School, Care and Care for Child Care, School Time

Bronze Awardee: Oceanport Preschool

Department plans to continue the campaign in Monmouth County this autumn and add additional counties since the campaign is expanding. More information is available on the institution’s website.

“In addition to childhood vaccinations, the National Immunization Awareness Month reminds us that vaccinations are needed throughout their lifespan,” said Commissioner Elnahal. “Immunizations are particularly important for those in close contact with infants, seniors, people with weakened immune systems and those who can not be vaccinated because of its age or certain medical conditions. “

The Department, Local Health Services and other organizations will host events throughout the month to raise awareness about the importance of immunizations.

On August 27, Dr. Elnahal will visit Princeton Adult Day Care Center to talk to customers about the importance of adults receiving critical vaccines such as flu, shingles, pneumococcal pneumonia, hepatitis and pertussis.

Click here for a list of local immunization events in honor of the National Immunization Awareness Month .

In formation of vaccines, recommended immunization schedules for all age groups and Vaccines for Children Program (a federally funded program providing free-range vaccines for low-income families) about n available on the CDC website.

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