Red Bull advert that encouraged people to leave work early after one person complains to watchdog

ADVERTISING watchdogs have banned an ad for energy drink Red Bull after one complaint.

Posters on the London Underground encouraged people to leave work one hour early.

PA:Press Association

Red Bull’s advert has been banned for implying that the energy drink has health benefits[/caption]

The poster featured a cartoon of two women smiling and whistling in front of a can of Red Bull.

Text next to the cartoon stated: “The secret to finishing early.

“Plans are afoot to finish at four, But first, you have meetings and deadlines galore. So remember the secret of every office superstar, And tame every task that’s thrown on your radar.

“Because to leap every hurdle a hectic day brings, You just need to know: RED BULL GIVES YOU WIIINGS.”

One person complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that it implied Red Bull had a health benefit by improving focus and energy — against ad rules.

Red Bull said the ad promoted a consumer initiative, the 4PM Finish, which encouraged workers to leave one hour early on Friday September 14th.

The energy drink firm said such initiatives were evidence of Red Bull’s “humorous brand ethos”. It was not to suggest, either directly or implicitly, that consumption of Red Bull would help achieve certain goals.

They said the only reference in the text to Red Bull was to their well-known slogan “Red Bull gives you wiiings” which they considered was a “whimsical, humorous and fantastical suggestion” that did not suggest a health benefit.

But the ASA concluded that the advert breached rules regarding food, food supplements and associated health or nutrition claims – despite desribing it as “light-hearted.”


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