Remainer MPs have systematically misled voters by pretending to honour the referendum result while plotting to destroy it

HOW can Sun readers trust a word politicians utter ever again?

Remainer MPs clearly now have no intention of carrying out the majority’s Leave instructions, either from the ­referendum or from last year’s election when both the Tories and Labour stood on pro-Brexit platforms.

Remainers only respected the referendum when they thought they would win it

If Corbyn gets the snap election he claims to want, what will be the point of either main party’s new manifesto? Who is mug enough to believe them?

Remainer MPs have systematically misled voters, respecting the referendum only when they thought they would win it, then pretending to honour the result while plotting to destroy it.

Thanks to their sickening sabotage, Government incompetence and a Commons Speaker gone rogue, Brexit is now fighting for its life. And they are cock-a-hoop, ready to reject Theresa May’s deal and enforce some even worse version, so absurdly soft as to be meaningless.

It would be a near-perfect result for Remain diehards . . . a non-Brexit to suit the referendum’s losers while flicking a sneering, Geldof-style V-sign at the hapless 17.4million winners they despise.

Brexit is now fighting for its life because of a Commons Speaker gone rogue
PA:Press Association

Don’t like it? Suck it up, as Remainer Anna Soubry would say. But Leavers won’t. It’s too late for that. A supersoft Brexit will solve nothing.

It will simply pour fuel on the flames — and finally flush the public’s faith in our Parliament and mainstream politicians down the sewer.

UK’s all at sea

NO wonder economic migrants chance their arm on a perilous and illegal dinghy voyage across the Channel when we are so woefully incompetent at kicking them back out.

We are so woefully incompetent at kicking people out who have come here illegally
PA:Press Association

What is the point of our asylum process at all if less than half those whose applications and appeals fail are sent home? Even the man previously running Home Office immigration enforcement knows it to be a shambolic disgrace.

Some “refugees” now endure a 200-mile crossing from Belgium to Lincolnshire to dodge patrols. Why? Because Britain will “never send you back”, as one trafficker told The Sun this week.

He’s not wrong, is he? But don’t worry . . . the Home Office is “working to encourage more to leave voluntarily”.

Good luck with that.

Broken Tories

ANARCHY erupted long ago on the Tory back benches. It is dismaying to see disloyal Cabinet ministers abandon discipline too.

Business Secretary Greg Clark calls no-deal — officially “better than a bad deal”, remember — “dire” and a “disaster”. He vows to quit if it looks inevitable.

How would we survive such a blow? Somehow we’d soldier on without him. Meanwhile, second referendum bore Sarah Wollaston MP says no-deal would force her to quit as a Tory.

Would anyone notice any difference?+


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