Remainers plot soft Brexit to replace Theresa May’s deal within days if MPs kill off her plan

REMAINER MPs are plotting to force Theresa May to go for a soft Brexit in days if her deal is voted down today.

Rebel MPs will attempt to change the law to force the PM to accept a customs union in a second round of so-called indicative votes.

Remainers are going to try and force through a soft Brexit next week if MPs don’t pass the deal today

Last week MPs couldn’t come to a conclusion of what they wanted if Mrs May’s Brexit plan falls for the third time.

But a second referendum was the most popular choice, followed by a customs union.

Backbenchers led by Remainer rebel Sir Oliver Letwin will have another debate on Monday to try and find a way forwards.

And if they can get a majority for it they will use their control of the order paper to force the PM to take their plan forwards.

But Mrs May has said she won’t push forward with a customs union plan as it will totally divide the Tories and won’t deliver a proper Brexit.

It would mean we can’t strike out on our own and do free trade deals with other countries around the world.

Trade Secretary Liam Fox hinted this morning that he could even quit if he was forced into it – which would also break the Tory manifesto which promised to leave the customs union.

He told Radio 4: “I fear for the consequences if Parliament chooses to utterly ignore a promise that they made directly to the voters.”

The PM’s deal is looking closer to passing today, but still seems like it will be defeated as the DUP and many Brexiteer Tories are still not on side.

Jacob Rees Mogg, Iain Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson have all said they will reluctantly back a deal because of the threat of a soft Brexit.

Furious Brexiteers pointed out that “we should have been leaving tonight” as MPs were warned we could end up staying in for FIVE more years.

But she received a glimmer of hope this morning as a key group of Labour MPs hinted they could be won over at the last minute.

Half a dozen of Jeremy Corbyn’s MPs from pro-Leave seats suggested they will back the deal if the Tories allow Parliament a say during future trade talks with Europe.

The Commons will have a third say on the deal at 2.30pm today, having knocked it down twice before.

Theresa May faces a final moment of truth on Brexit today
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DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds has said his party is not going to back the deal

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