Remainiac politicians are traumatised by ordinary people supporting Brexit

NOTHING shocks London’s Remainiac ­politicians and journalists more than a sudden encounter with ordinary people.

To discover they still want to leave the EU is traumatic enough. That many want to leave without a deal ­boggles their minds and induces fainting and nausea.

This Derby man got cheers when he said the Brexit vote was ‘once in a lifetime’

So it was on Thursday as they all watched TV’s Question Time, that ­traditional safe space for left-wing, Government-bashing Remainerism.

The audience in Derby hollered approval at the idea we should simply walk away on March 29. That if no deal can be found, then that is at least the Brexit a majority voted for in 2016.

One Europhile writer found it “staggering, terrifying”. Which, funnily enough, is how voters view a political and media elite so wedded to a comfortable status quo that they are completely disconnected from anyone outside the bubble.

The Sun would prefer a deal. We just cannot support the fatal flaws in Theresa May’s. But millions, not just Leavers now, ARE ready to brave No Deal because they know that democracy must deliver what the majority voted for.

And if the Remainer elite are shocked by a few dozen Leavers on TV they had better prepare themselves.

If Brexit doesn’t happen, if Article 50 is revoked and if Britain is forced to vote again, the roar of rage will deafen them.

Bar Bercow

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The speaker has been branded as ‘repulsive beyond measure’[/caption]

COMMONS Speakers normally get a ­peerage. We are delighted to learn John Bercow won’t.

One senior minister branded him “a biased f***wit” and “repulsive beyond measure”. Not a ringing endorsement.

But then a man who tore up centuries of Parliamentary procedure in his ­personal battle against the biggest ­democratic mandate in our history deserves ignominy, not honour.

And that’s before you factor in serious bullying allegations against him.

It is a shame he won’t also lose his £1million State pension pot. But we can’t have everything.

Bercow’s only hope, following his bias against the Government, is that Opposition parties put him up for a Lords seat.

But that would rather give the game away, wouldn’t it?

Different class

THE staggering achievements of Brampton Manor should inspire every state school.

It’s an academy in Newham, London — one of the country’s poorest areas. Yet 41 sixth-formers this year alone have got Oxbridge offers. Nearly all are ethnic minority kids, most of them the first in their family ever to go to university.

There’s no big secret. Just hard graft, long hours and bright, motivated pupils encouraged to believe anything is possible. Plus tireless and dedicated staff.

It’s an incredible success story. 



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