Rep Ronny Jackson ‘told female staffer she had “great t**s” before drunkenly eating fertilized EGG on Obama trip’

REPUBLICAN Representative Ronny Jackson allegedly told a female staffer she had “great t**s” before drunkenly eating a fertilized egg on a President Barack Obama trip.

Jackson is the center of a scathing review of his alleged conduct during his time serving Presidents Donald Trump and Obama.

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The report says Jackson ‘engaged in inappropriate conduct involving the use of alcohol during two incidents’[/caption]

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The report explains Jackson allegedly ate a fertilized bird egg during a presidential trip[/caption]

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Jackson’s alleged conduct occurred during his time serving Presidents Trump and Obama[/caption]

The former White House physician who now serves as a US Rep for Texas’s 13th congressional district is under fire for his alleged behavior during a presidential trip to Manila, Philippines.

An inspector general’s report was released on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, by the United States Department of Defense.

The report states: “We concluded that RDML Jackson engaged in inappropriate conduct involving the use of alcohol during two incidents.

“Both incidents occurred during presidential trips while RDML Jackson was in charge of providing medical care and treatment to U.S. Government officials – a trip to Manila, Philippines, in April 2014 and a trip to Bariloche, Argentina, in March 2016.”

Witnesses claimed that Jackson “made a comment about a female medical
subordinate’s breasts and buttocks” during the 2014 trip – between April 22 and April 29.

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Jackson allegedly commented on a female subordinate’s ‘nice a**’ and told a male medical subordinate that he would ‘like to see more of her tattoos’[/caption]

According to the accusations, an allegedly drunken Jackson allegedly knocked on a female subordinate’s doors “in the middle of the night and told her ‘I need you’… ‘I need you to come to my room.’”

In total, during the DOD’s Manila investigation, four witnesses were identified and interviewed.

Jackson, who was reportedly in charge of providing medical care during the April 2014 trip, told a female subordinate – dubbed Manila Witness 2 – she had “great t**s.”

He also allegedly said “what a nice a**” and told a male medical subordinate that he would “like to see more of her tattoos.”

The medical subordinate, noted as Manila Witness 1 in the report, recalled one night at a restaurant in Manila when Jackson alleged violated a policy for drinking alcohol.


Jackson allegedly ate a fertilized egg and said: ‘It f***ing stinks. I can feel its f***ing feathers’[/caption]

Manila Witnesses 1 and 3 claimed Jackson drank “four to six alcoholic beverages at the restaurant,” despite allegedly having more drinks before that.

Witness 1 recounted smelling alcohol, seeing Jackson’s red face and flushed nose before the rep returned to their hotel – where Jackson and Witness 1 allegedly planned to eat a fertilized bird egg in the Republican’s room.

The report explains: “Balut is a fertilized bird egg that is incubated for a period of 14 to 21 days depending on the local culture, and then boiled or steamed. The contents are eaten directly from the shell.”

One of the witnesses alleged Jackson saying “It f***ing stinks. I can feel its f***ing feathers” as he ate the egg.

Jackson was also accused of using Ambien, a sleeping medication, “while on duty and while on call for providing medical care for Government officials on travel, including the President.”

Approximately two years later – during a presidential trip in March 2016 – Jackson allegedly appeared to be drunk while on duty, according to the report.

“A WHMO policy memorandum in effect at the time prohibited the use of alcohol for all WHMO personnel during presidential trips,” the report discovered.

The inspector general’s investigation began in 2018 and examined allegations that date back to his time serving during the Obama and Trump administrations.

In total, 78 witnesses were interviewed and a host of White House documents were examined for the probe.

Jackson recently told CNN the report was politically motivated and the inspector general “resurrected” old allegations against him because he refused to “turn my back on President Trump.”


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